Peter Knopfler


At 54 years old, I'm still lifting daily, basketball 2 - 3 times a week, power walk on the beach once a week and my personal diet of single items only, has brought me visible obvious success.

Migrated to Canada, Toronto, Ontario. Bachelor's of Art degree, Major in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, Minor in Philosophy. Master's of Art degree, Psychology, specialized in family therapy and juvenile corrections.

Throughout my two year masters program I played A. A. A. U. Basketball for Seattle. Throughout my last 3 years at the university I would spend my summer vacations working construction in Honolulu. Through friends and contacts I began a career working in Mental Health for the State of Hawaii.

All other educational programs have been participated in Hospital and Institutional settings. Lectures, conferences and seminars. Continuing education on mental health and crisis intervention at Queens Medical Center.

Presently moved back to Puerto Vallarta to open a second rejuvenation clinic. I'm also writing for the health columns in two local papers. Age: 54
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 235lbs
E-Mail: the_knopf@hotmail.comClick On The Thumbnails To Enlarge The Pictures!


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