John Jewett, MS, RD


John Jewett is a registered dietitian as well as an IFBB pro bodybuilder and IFBB 212 Olympian. He received his master's degree in nutrition and dietetics from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas.

Jewett started his dietetic career by working in a hospital setting, treating patients with various health conditions. Desiring to work more in disease prevention and human performance, he opened his private practice, J3SportsRD. His clientele focus is on competitive physique athletes. With 10 years in the fitness and nutrition field, Jewett leverages experience, education, and scientific knowledge in order to empower physique athletes with an approach structured in science and honed from experience.

Current Bodybuilding Record:

  • 2012 NPC Lackland Classic bodybuilding, 1st place Middle Weight
  • 2013 NPC Texas State, 8th place Light Heavy Weight
  • 2014 NPC Branch Warren Classic, 1st place Light Heavy Weight
  • 2015 NPC USA Championship, 6th place Middle Weight
  • 2016 NPC Dallas Europa, 1st place Heavy Weight and Overall winner
  • 2016 NPC USA Championship, 1st place Heavy Weight (IFBB pro card obtained)
  • 2016 IFBB Phoenix Europa, 5th place 212 Pro
  • 2018 IFBB New York Pro, 7th place 212 Pro
  • 2018 IFBB Dallas Europa, 5th place 212 Pro
  • 2019 IFBB Chicago Pro, 3rd Place 212 Pro
  • 2019 IFBB Tampa Pro, 1st Place 212 Pro, Olympia Qualified
  • 2019 IFBB 212 Olympia Championship, 4th place


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