Kianna Vestuto


As an ACE-certified personal trainer and 2018 University of Nevada, Las Vegas, graduate with a bachelor's degree in journalism, Kianna Vestuto knew that combining her writing hobby with her passion for fitness was her calling.

Vestuto works out of Las Vegas as a personal trainer, online coach, and freelance writer. She is passionate about spreading positivity, being a light to others, and helping people realize their full potential through health and fitness.

A big part of Vestuto's fitness journey was her battle with depression and anxiety, which is ultimately why she does what she does. Vestuto believes that true fitness begins from the inside, and that the body can achieve whatever the mind believes. Fitness is not just about the way we look, but the way we feel.

Growing up, Vestuto was involved in soccer, gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, and other sports. Her father brought her to the gym when she was 13, which is where her passion for eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle was first discovered. Vestuto was recruited to be an acrobatics and tumbling student-athlete at the University of Oregon, although her time as a Duck was short-lived due to ankle injuries.

Vestuto moved back home to finish her academic studies in 2016, and decided to compete in bikini competitions in 2017, when she won an overall bikini title and placed fourth at USA Nationals.

Photo by Sean Nelson



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