Ron Kosloff


  • Owner of NSP Nutrition in Detroit. Makes products for athletes, bodybuilders and holistic doctors.
  • Designed and formulated the AB-Trim Colon Kit.
  • Does Nutrition seminars for PowerHouse Gyms.
  • Written over 30 nutritional articles & publications in major magazines (Iron Man, MuscleMag Intl.).
  • Nutritional Laboratories representative.
  • Teaching Vince Gironda's methods for more than 25 years. Close personal friend of Vince.
  • Staff Member (Clinical Nutritionist) for Grosse Pointe Alternative Health Center (10 years).
  • B/S Degree in Nutrition with the Institute of Health Sciences.
  • Co-owner of PowerHouse Gym for 10 years.
  • Studied with Dr. Harry Eidenier Jr. (Nutritional Biochemistry and Food Scientist).
  • Studied with Dr. Richard Verseendaal (Inventor of Contact Reflex Analysis).
  • Taught nutritional classes at East Detroit, Michigan (Adult education).
  • Host of Nutrition Revolution radio show on WPON-AM (2 years).
  • Co-Host of the Ike Griffin Show on WXYT-FM (2 years).
  • Does nutritional consultation (individuals, groups, etc.).
  • Staff member at The Center for Healing Arts in Sterling Height, Michigan. Also does monthly seminar at the center.


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