Mark Raineri


Mark Raineri is a former bodybuilding competitor who began lifting weights at the age of 14.


  • The Stretch Mark Manual.

    To some people, stretch marks are battle scars and symbolize muscle growth. These people think you should walk around your gym, wearing your stretch marks with pride. For those of your that don't, read on and find out how to get rid of them!

  • Stretch For New Muscle Gains!

    In theory, stretching can make the fascial encasements around muscle fibers less restricting. This means that muscle growth will be easier. Learn why and learn which stretches are best.

  • EMG Studies Show Best Exercises!

    If you're new to the weightlifting game, there are hundreds of different exercises. How are you supposed to know which ones are effective and which ones aren't?

  • Bodybuilding In High School!

    Whether it is homework, friends, teachers, eating, or just finding time to lift weights, all of these factors take time can and affect you negatively.