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Stella Juarez, B.A., is the author of Stella's Kitchen, Creative Cooking for Fun, Flavor, and a Lean, Strong Body and the editor of its companion healthy cooking website, She is a regular guest covering the topic of eating & cooking healthy on a US Sports Radio Network's weekly bodybuilding and strength training radio program, "The House of Pain Iron Show". She contributes cooking and fitness material to various exercise and food magazines and websites, and she excels in teaching others the skills of healthy food preparation.

Ms. Juarez writes the "Training Table" column for A to Z's weekly newsletter and is's Guide to Bodybuilding. Her information-packed website can be found at

You can reach Stella by email at:

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Creative Cooking for Fun, Flavor, and a Lean, Strong Body.

191 pages of recipes, nutrition calculations, kitchen tips and cooking features. You're going to love it!



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