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Stella Juarez, B.A., is the author of Stella's Kitchen, Creative Cooking for Fun, Flavor, and a Lean, Strong Body and the editor of its companion healthy cooking website, She is a regular guest covering the topic of eating & cooking healthy on a US Sports Radio Network's weekly bodybuilding and strength training radio program, "The House of Pain Iron Show". She contributes cooking and fitness material to various exercise and food magazines and websites, and she excels in teaching others the skills of healthy food preparation.

Ms. Juarez writes the "Training Table" column for A to Z's weekly newsletter and is's Guide to Bodybuilding. Her information-packed website can be found at

You can reach Stella by email at:

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Creative Cooking for Fun, Flavor, and a Lean, Strong Body.

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  • Heart Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes.

    Looking for a great pancake recipe without white flour? Look no further. This heart healthy recipe is great tasting and great for you!

  • A Guide To Healthy Substitutions & Replacements!

    Looking to modify a family recipe? Keep this taped inside a kitchen cabinet for a handy reminder of all the creative things you can do to make your favorite foods healthier.

  • Spice Up Your Chicken: Quick & Easy Ways To Spice Chicken!

    While there are plenty of recipes for chicken, there are times when even chopping up vegetables is too time consuming!

  • Restaurant Dining Tips For Athletes & Healthy Eaters!

    Find out how to go out and eat and still stay on your diet. Follow these simple suggestions and you can go out and eat, whenever, without the guilt.

  • Healthy Grocery Shopping List

    Are you starting a diet but still scratching your head at the grocery store when trying to choose healthy foods? This healthy grocery shopping list can help you on your next trip to the grocery store!

  • Building A Healthy Body On A Small Budget!

    One of the greatest misconceptions people have about making healthy food choices is that it somehow costs too much to eat right. Nothing could be further from the truth! Learn why and how to build a great body on a budget!

  • Troubleshooting The Protein Shake!

    We've all got our own quirky taste and texture preferences, even for simple protein shakes. Here are a few techniques you may find useful in preparing your next protein shake.

  • Incorporating Beef Into A Healthy Diet Part 3!

    No matter how lean the cut you start off with, cooking to various temperatures allows for great flexibility in preparing red meats. With a little know-how, you can be a gracious and considerate cook able to cook a steak that will please any palate.

  • Protein Shake Recipes!

    Tired of drinking the same protein shake 4 times a day, 7 days a week? Try these recipes to make your protein shakes enjoyable!

  • A Better Bowl At Breakfast!

    One of the best quick breakfasts you can prepare is a bowl of oatmeal, especially if you are active and health conscious. Learn how to make it taste better!

  • Straight Outta The Can: Tuna Recipes For Bodybuilders!

    Tuna has long been a favorite protein source for bodybuilders, dieters, and other athletes. Here are a few straight outta the can recipes you can use to bring a little life into your next can of tuna!

  • Incorporating Beef Into A Healthy Diet Part 2!

    There's more to eating lighter with beef than simply selecting the right cut of meat. Try some of these tried and true methods for reducing the amount of added fat and calories in prepared beef dishes.

  • Incorporating Beef Into A Healthy Diet!

    There are so many cuts and brands of beef that it's hard to tell which are the smart cuts to buy. There are multiple names and vague labels for every cut that confuse even the well-intentioned consumer. Learn the truth!