Chris LaCascia


It finally caught up with me...

After 8 years of poor eating habits, working long hours, and no exercise program, I was 36 years old, 6' tall, and had ballooned to 330 pounds with a 46" waist.

The realization of my plight came when i was unable to get up from the floor after playing with my son. I needed my 125 lb. wife to help me up!

Having to count on someone else to help me up or to tie my shoes was embarrassing enough, not to mention sleeping on the sofa downstairs since the bedroom was up a flight of stairs. I was passing up the best things in life because they were too difficult or required too much effort. I was not happy and I wanted my life back... gave my the inspiration, information, motivation, and the products I needed to get fit and stay fit. I always knew that I had the ability to get in shape, but helped me achieve it.

Look at me now! I'm currently 235 lbs. of muscle with a 33" waist!

Age: 39


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