Cynthia Oosting


Here is my brief history : My name is Cynthia, I'm 29 years old. I was born in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and French is my primary language. I moved to Alaska 2 years ago and like it a lot. It's very special to live here...Lots of great sea food, pure water from the mountains and fresh clean air.

I am a certified reflexologist (feet accupressure) and work presently as a care provider for a severely handicap teenagers. I worked many years in a gym in Canada as a aerobic teacher, and also in a natural food store for 4 years.

In a few weeks, I will be starting my personal training certification program.

See some of my pics: 1 | 2

Check out my site at! I now do personal training and nutrition planning.Name: Cynthia C. Oosting
Age: 32
Weight: 113lbs
Height: Always was 5'3
State of residence: Idaho since April 2003
Years of fitness training: 4
Certification: Fitness training, Fitness therapy and sport performance nutrition
Favorite exercises: Chest press and walking lunges
Favorite supplements: Fish oil (EPA/DHA), quality multi vitamins and minerals and green tea extract.

French Canadian, born and raised in Montreal Canada. Own a gym and train clients on a one on one basis.


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