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Since late 2000, Mind and Muscle Magazine has earned a reputation as one of the foremost science-based bodybuilding publications in the industry. Now nearing its 40th issue, Mind and Muscle continues to build upon this rich heritage.

Each installment is devoted to providing progressive articles penned by the greatest minds in the bodybuilding industry. Topics range from anabolic agents, sports supplements, neuroscience, nootropics and smart drugs, to the science of human muscle growth, fat loss and cell biology, health and longevity, strength training and bodybuilding principles, philosophy and much more!

Contributors include:

  • The "Father of Prohormones," Patrick Arnold
  • Renowned nutrition expert and author, Will Brink
  • Author of The Ketogenic Diet, Lyle McDonald
  • CEO/CSO of Avant Labs Caleb Stone
  • Mind and Muscle Associate Science Editor and author of Anabolic Steroids: Ultimate Research Guide Vol. 1 , Anthony Roberts
  • Author of Juice - The Real Story of Baseball's Drug Problems , Will Carroll
  • Famous steroid lawyer and author of Legal Muscle , Rick Collins
  • Columnist for Muscular Development's Chemical Corner, Bruce Kneller
  • President and founder of Science Link, Inc, Dr. John Berardi
  • Author of Anabolics 2006 and performance-enhancement expert William Lewellyn
  • The late Karl Hoffman
  • Author and founder of the Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) method, Bryan Haycock
  • Billy Carpenter, MS, RD and many more!


  • Don't Be THAT Guy: Gym Weirdos

    We all know these types of guys at the gym. You've probably seen one, know one, or hell, you may even be one. Here are 20 weirdos that are in every gym!

  • Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) & Sports Injuries.

    Despite the risk of side effects, the medical community has considered the safety/efficiency ratio satisfying enough to accept the administration of NSAIDs. With recent data however such a practice should be seriously scrutinized.

  • Hybrid Strength And Hypertrophy Training!

    This is an advanced routine that takes advantage of load/deload phases, failure and sub-failure training, rest-pausing, weight load progression, etc ... Give it a go and see if it works for you. Good luck!

  • Artificial Sweeteners - Debunking The Myths!

    The world of sweeteners has been around as far back as 1879. Learn what these sweeteners are and the myths behind them! Check it out!

  • Back To The Basics

    The goal here is fat loss and there are many ways to do it, regardless of what many protocols recommend. The information presented here is going to be aimed toward the less experienced.

  • Stop The Madness: Is Inconsistency Sabotaging Your Gains?

    Tired of not getting the results you want in the gym? Here are some tips to help make training a regular part of your life now and in the future.

  • Carb Cycling Q & A

    Here you will find what will hopefully be the 'be-all end-all Q & A' on Carbohydrate Cycling. From all of the questions I have received from my previous articles it seems to make sense to post this information.

  • Sprints & Sprinting: A Further Examination

    What I'm looking to do with this sequel is incorporate several proximate bodies of theory involving sprinting and sprint-training into a single 'Sprinting how-to' for the bodybuilder and/or fitness-minded reader. Well then, let's get started.

  • Sprints & Sprinting: Powerful Physique-Shaping For Athletes

    When it comes to cutting you up and promoting a nutrient-partitioning milieu conducive to building and maintaining a lean, muscular physique, sprints and sprinting simply cannot be beat. A simple look at competitive athletics demonstrates this pretty clearly.

  • Progressive Drop Sets: Pump And Destroy Your Muscles!

    They can be difficult and most certainly not to be done very often. In this article I will talk about progressive drop sets and how they can be very useful especially if you want to make your muscles burn.

  • HIT Vs. Volume!

    While each method of training has its own following there also those that use both. In this article we will discuss both methods to help followers of each.

  • Clean Cardio!

    Beach season is right around the corner. This year, you're gonna do it right. Go to the beach, take off the shirt, and stand proud as all of the beautiful women gawk at your Greek-Godlike body. That's where Clean Cardio comes in.

  • Whose Body Is This? Society's Ideal Male Body.

    Men today are facing a quandary regarding masculine identity. Society has put together an image of what you should and should not look like. How does one let society decide how they should look?

  • Growth Hormone And Obesity!

    Growth Hormone - What is it and what does it do? Ever wondered what the hype about Growth Hormone (GH) is all about? Read on and you will discover the science behind the truth...

  • Carbohydrate Cycling Part 2: Cycle Manipulation!

    This is the first installment of a multi-part article. Here, we will briefly discuss my background, the basic tenets of the diet, as well as the basic diet structure and much more...

  • Carbohydrate Cycling: What You Need To Know!

    This is the first installment of a multi-part article. Here, we will briefly discuss my background, the basic tenets of the diet, as well as the basic diet structure and much more...

  • Old Gold: Old School Moves For Huge Gains!

    Power snatch and clean and jerk... Ideally, once you read this article, you'll have a solid understanding of what some of these lifts are and how they can help you reach your training goals. Now, let's have a look at some of the lifts.

  • Pre/During/Post Workout Nutrition!

    What the supplement companies want you to think is that they hold the key to some magical information and science that you can not get your hands on or even possibly comprehend...

  • Behind The Scenes: Hypertrophy!

    This article seeks to examine some of the factors implicated in processes of muscle growth, and, in keeping with the spirit of Mind and Muscle Magazine, elucidate the elaborate chemical pathways that transduce their effects.

  • Check Your Neck! Learn How To Build Your Neck And Traps.

    The time it takes to train and stretch the neck can improve athletic performance, appearance and help prevent injury. If you suffer from tightness caused by long hours sitting at the office, the stretching alone should make your life more comfortable.