Lauren Abraham


Lauren Abraham aims to empower and inspire women to embrace their uniqueness and live healthy lives. Abraham spent the past 8 years training people to transform and love themselves. She is a nationally-recognized health, wellness and fitness expert seen on FSN, NBC, ESPN and more. She is an athlete and spokesperson for the #1 online supplementation supplier in the world, and recently signed on as an Elite Team member to the Perfectah Fit Dream Team. She is also in the works of creating her own fitness and exercise clothing line.

Lauren publishes regularly in both fitness and action sport magazines worldwide, gracing the pages of Muscle and Fitness, World Physique, European Snowboarder, Stand Up Paddle Board Magazine, the cover of Max Muscle and will soon be seen as the new fitness face on the cover of the world's top women's fitness magazine, Oxygen.

She is a former pro-snowboarder, and recently became a professional stand-up paddle boarder with Rogue SUP. Lauren is a celebrity fitness model, certified yoga therapist, life empowerment coach, personal trainer, motivational speaker and consultant. She created "Extreme Lifestyle, Extreme Body" a self-empowerment program for women.

In 2009, Lauren was the U.S. national brand ambassador for Reebok and Cirque De Soleil's launch of Jukari, and oversaw operations at the celebrity studio in Hollywood, Calif.

Abraham is one of the few experts in the industry who is a true survivor. She currently endures chronic arthritis and permanent pain in the left ankle she damaged in a 2001 career-changing snowboard accident. She endured 10 surgeries resulting from her professional athletic career. She lived in and out of a wheel chair and hospital bed for an extensive amount of time, yet she rose up, overcame setbacks. She overcame her own disorders, domestic violence and addictions to drugs and alcohol. She was the leader of the motivational speaking panel for the Lake Tahoe rehab centers and counseled hundreds of men and women to live a healthier, more-balanced lifestyle, substituting alcohol and drugs with food, fitness and spirituality. She coaches many walks of life, and encourages people to take back what was rightfully given to them ... the freedom to live to their fullest potential.

She specializes in anti-aging nutrition, supplementation programs and cleansing and detoxifying the body, mind and spirit.

When Abraham isn't trying to save the world, she enjoys yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, cooking, reading about health and nutrition, writing, creating inspiring videos for her online fans, and enjoying the ocean or mountains.