Denmark Harris


Hello, to any fans out there! My name is Denmark Harris, the author of Teens and Body Image. I live in Sacramento, California and I am a fitness enthusiast. I first began to really get into fitness when I was just fourteen years old. My dad had taken me to our local YMCA in Sacramento, California and hired a personal trainer for me. I was given lessons on how to use the numerous weight lifting machines and free weights and different weight lifting techniques and nutritional advice. I did not like working out at first but as I began to see the results I began to take an interest in the sport and before I knew it I was totally hooked.

Other hobbies and activities include spending time with friends, reading books and articles on and playing all sports, mainly basketball. I love to see my body grow and become more defined and muscular day by day. I love the intensifying rush and adrenaline when weight lifting. I love the feel of the iron in my hands and the atmosphere in the gym when everyone is working out and trying to improve their lives. I feel that you can never achieve your goals unless you just go for it and do not let anything or anyone get in your way.

Happy lifting!