Kirk Calzacorta


Kirk Calzacorta is a well-rounded fitness fanatic, who lives and breathes his passion. At an early age Kirk gravitated towards competitive sports and participated in football, baseball, basketball and track & field. Despite being born with Asthma, Kirk excelled in athletics as he went on to play collegiate football.

After his football stint ended Kirk became immersed in his other interest, outdoor recreation. Transitioning to more individual sports like kayaking, mountain biking and scuba diving Kirk quickly realized that fitness was just as important in his outdoor excursions as they were in traditional team sports.

As a personal trainer, Kirk has also accumulated a multitude of health and fitness information that is valuable in helping others reach their fitness goals. In addition to physical training, Kirk also has an extensive knowledge base in nutrition and supplementation. This offers a 3-dimentional approach to his writing that covers all important aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Kirk has seen results for himself and his clients, and now enjoys sharing his fitness knowledge through the written word in hopes of helping as many people as possible!