Mark Saunders


Mark Saunders is a visible inspiration of strength, manifested by his own athletic and career success, and the accomplishments of his training clients. Mark is a leader in providing a high standard of support and instruction for clients, from the most novices to the most experienced. Whether the goal is to lose pounds or gain muscle, Mark is there to tailor a fitness program of food consumption and smart training.

Mark contributes most of his success to adhering to what he calls the 5 elements of physical progress, they are as follows: proper training, proper nutrition, recovery, supplementation and mental focus. There are a few basic principles that abide within these elements that he not only incorporates in his own routine, but also teaches to others.

Mark has been into health and fitness since he was fourteen years old. At the age of nineteen he joined the United States Air Force (USAF) and served as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). His enlistment was for four years. It included a six-month tour in Operation Desert Storm, where he was stationed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Nineteen years after getting into health and fitness, he is a professional athlete with the NGA (National Gym Association), and has been a personal fitness trainer for over 8 years. Mark helps people daily reach their fitness goals. He now averages forty personal training hours a week to help people with nutrition and exercise. Height: 5'10'
Weight: 205lbs at 8% bodyfat
Chest: 48 in
Arms: 18 in
Waist: 32 in

  • 2002 NGA Pro Universe - 4th place
  • 2002 NGA Western USA Pro-Am - Men's Overall Champion
  • 2001 NGA Western America Pro - Qualifier Overall Winner
  • 1999 Muscle Mania World Natural Bodybuilding Championshops - 3rd place
  • 1998 Muscle Mania World Natural Bodybuilding Championshops - 2nd place
  • 1997 Muscle Mania World Natural Bodybuilding Championshops - 9th place
  • 1997 NPC Arizona Golden Classic - 2nd place light heavy weight division
  • 1996 NPC Arizona Golden Classic - 3rd place light heavy weight division
  • 1995 NPC Mr. Tucson - 2nd place light heavy weight division
  • 1995 NPC Mr. Western States - 2nd place light heavy division
  • 1994 NANBA 4th Annual Natural Muscle Classic - Overall Winner
  • 1994 NPC Mr. Tucson - 3rd place light heavy weight division
  • 1993 Copper Classic - 3rd place
  • 1993 South West Natural - 3rd place
  • 1990 Serge Nubret Muscle Awards - 3rd place
  • 1988 NPC South Carolina Gold's Classic Junior - 1st place
  • 1988 NPC South Carolina Teenage Nationals - 3rd place
  • 1988 NPC Teenage South Carolina - Overall Winner
  • 1988 Men's Capital City Bodybuilding Championships - 2nd place
  • 1988 NPC Mr. Teenage North West - Overall Winner
  • 1987 Mid Atlantic Classic Teenage - 5th place
  • 1984 Teenage Mr. Florence - 3rd place


  • Three Phases To Your Dynamic Body

    Phase one will last two weeks. Phase two will last four weeks and phase three will last six weeks. Then we'll just have to take it from there. With these, your will get the body you have always dreamed of!