Randy Herring


Randy Herring started lifting weights because he wanted to be stronger, have more confidence, and have a better physique. When Herring was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school, he weighed a mere 115 pounds. In his first year and a half, he gained 40 pounds of solid muscle. His confidence soared. Nearly 40 years later, he celebrates the strength, vigor, and health that the aesthetic bodybuilding lifestyle exemplifies! Check out his YouTube channel or visit his personal training website at randypersonaltraining.com.


  • The Ultimate Beginner 3-Day Full-Body Routine!

    If you are a beginner this routine is ideal for you. DO NOT imitate routines of advanced bodybuilders! You'll only grow LESS in MORE time! Learn all the secrets!

  • Recuperation & Muscular Growth!

    Recuperation is your body's ability to recover after exercise. The quicker the recovery the quicker strength and mass gains will come.

  • Full-Body & Split Workouts For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced!

    Get three intense workouts right here! Workouts range from beginner up to Advanced; full body and split training also used. Try them and see how they work.

  • The Deadlift: King Of Exercises!

    Get details about the Sumo and Romanian deadlift and see why form is so important! The deadlift is king, but its variations are princely!

  • Reverse Pyramid Training and The Fifteen Rules!

    Learn the purpose and advantages of training with the Reverse Pyramid Method and fifteen rules that will lead you to success!

  • Formulas For Effecting Body Composition Change!

    A safe and effective lean body mass gain should be no more than 2 pounds per month. Fat loss should be no more than 4 pounds per month. Any more would constitute lean mass (muscle) loss. Learn why!

  • Preventing And Healing Injuries!

    I wrote this article to respond how injuries can be prevented and what to do should an injury or suspected injury occurs.

  • 1 Set For Strength Gains?

    Learn how your can get your greatest gains from doing 1 set instead of doing two or more!

  • Pilonidal Cysts: What You Should Know!

    A pilonidal cyst is a sac under the skin at the base of the spine located in the opening between the buttocks muscles. Learn what it is and how to treat it!

  • Free-Hand Your Way To Fitness!

    Freehand exercises have a tonic effect on the muscles and internal organs. They tone up the circulatory system and are beneficial in safeguarding the general health of the body. Advanced freehand exercises shape and muscularize the body.

  • Rating Diet Programs

    Some programs, I must confess, are suitable for some people whereas other programs are not. At the end of this article I provide my own preferred choice!

  • Ab Training Is A Back Flexion Movement!

    Proper ab training becomes much easier and more effective when we keep in mind the main function of the abs.

  • Randy Herring - Gaining Weight With A 'Fast' Metabolism!

    When I first began training, I was 15 years old and weighed a mere 115 pounds. I trained every day, three times a day in the garage with a barbell and dumbbell set doing basic exercises and with no nutritional guidance.

  • How To Bench Press 400 In 12 Months!

    Below is a suggested cycle routine to bench press over 400 pounds in 12 months - without the use of drugs. A prerequisite to using this routine is a bench press of at least 285 pounds for 3 repetitions or over 300 pounds for a single RM...

  • Too Much Protein?

    They are not athletic specialists or sports nutritionalists just the same that dieticians or licensed nutritionalists are not.

  • Proper Nutrition - Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates are your energy food and your source to recuperation. They are your primary source of energy or fuel at 1,600 calories per pound. Carbohydrates yield 4 calories per gram. Carbs come in two forms: simple and complex.

  • Proper Nutrition - Fat

    Fat provides energy for aerobic energy metabolism, such as sitting, walking and jogging. The higher your resting metabolism is (through exercise) more fat will be wasting away while sitting and/or sleeping

  • Proper Nutrition

    Outside the gym is when nutrition plays a big role in changing body composition. Learn the importance of pre and post workout meals to maximize muscle gain! Check it out here...

  • Diet By The Numbers!

    What motivates you determines your consistency and desired results.

  • Reverse Pyramid Training!

    Recuperation is your body's ability to recover after exercise. The quicker recovery the quicker strength and mass gains will come.