Randy Herring


Randy started lifting weights because he wanted to be stronger, have more confidence and have a better physique. When Randy was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school, he weighed a mere 115 pounds. In his first year and a half, he gained 40 pounds of solid muscle. His confidence soared. Nearly 40 years later, he celebrates the strength, vigor and health that the aesthetic bodybuilding lifestyle exemplifies!


  • The Ultimate Beginner 3-Day Full-Body Routine!

    If you are a beginner this routine is ideal for you. DO NOT imitate routines of advanced bodybuilders! You'll only grow LESS in MORE time! Learn all the secrets!

  • Recuperation & Muscular Growth!

    Recuperation is your body's ability to recover after exercise. The quicker the recovery the quicker strength and mass gains will come.

  • Importance Of Adaptation, Part 3 - Volume Vs. Intensity: A Supplement To 'Adaptation'!

    'Supplement to Adaptation' will help you decide the best training for you by comparing training volume and intensity. Anyone can establish an effective program and the following factors will do just that. Learn more.

  • Importance Of Adaptation, Part II - The Mind: Grow By Repetition!

    In this second part I will talk about how important it is to do the same workout so the mind adapts and grows with each same workout ... Here's great insight making more demand on your mind while training. Learn more.

  • Full-Body & Split Workouts For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced!

    Get three intense workouts right here! Workouts range from beginner up to Advanced; full body and split training also used. Try them and see how they work.

  • Acquiring Wealth Through Fitness.

    It is not how much you have that adds value to your life, but how well you live which adds value to living. Prior to an aesthetically fit body one's mind must be aesthetically fit. See if you agree.

  • The Deadlift: King Of Exercises!

    Get details about the Sumo and Romanian deadlift and see why form is so important! The deadlift is king, but its variations are princely!

  • Lacking Results - Learn About The Importance Of Adaptation.

    Adaptation is a process by which the body accustoms itself to physical stress. In this article I will attempt to make the exercise enthusiast aware of the adaptation process and why some people get results while others do not.

  • Energy In Bodybuilding: Stimulating Muscle To Get Fit!

    With bodybuilding or bodysculpting for fitness we call upon our minds to move our muscles in order to produce energy. I will be talking about the requirements of stimulating muscle to get more energy. Read on for more.

  • 'Tarrying With The Negative': The Logic And Nature Of Bodybuilding For Fitness.

    I propose to render a different way of thinking about doing bodybuilding fitness. Tarrying with the negative of natural gravity and one's own body weight is positive in bodybuilding for fitness. Get the logic of it right here.

  • Stick To Compliance And The Basics!

    The first rule of health and fitness is that you must adhere to what I call a 'psyche-ology' of fitness, that is, a stimulation of your inner psyche to possess the proper attitude or frame of mind to initiate… the habit of accommodation!

  • Formulas For Effecting Body Composition Change!

    A safe and effective lean body mass gain should be no more than 2 pounds per month. Fat loss should be no more than 4 pounds per month. Any more would constitute lean mass (muscle) loss. Learn why!

  • Reverse Pyramid Training & The Fifteen Rules!

    Learn the purpose and advantages of training with the Reverse Pyramid Method and fifteen rules that will lead you to success!

  • Resolve Yourself Back Into Fitness Without Making Promises!

    Did you gain a few pounds of fat the past two months due to not eating and not eating right? Do not give yourself a resolution to reverse this decadent state by making promises to yourself you know you cannot keep!

  • Goals & Reality...

    Most people's goals are lofty in every aspect of life yet the price they are willing to pay does not match their aspirations. How they want to look is no exception. This problem is two-fold. Learn why ...

  • Q & A With Randy Herring - Training Tips & Traveling Nutrition.

    This in-depth Q & A session will answer some readers questions regarding spot reduction, training tips, how to eat healthy while traveling, and much more.

  • Randy's Top Ten Training Tips!

    Check out these awesome 10 training tips to help you achieve your goals. From goal setting to cycling your training, learn it all!

  • The Game Of Work: Keeping Track Of Your Fitness Progress!

    Learn why keeping track of your fitness progress can help you achieve your goals, improve your motivation and much more. Find out how to improve your program by following the game of work!

  • Randy's Quick-Start 7-Day Training Routine.

    Just getting back to the gym after a lengthy lay-off? Or maybe your metabolism slowed down. Try my 'quick-start' 7-day training routine to 'jump-start' your metabolism for getting back to your own routine.

  • Gym Etiquette: Are You The Gym Jerk?

    Are you the gym jerk? Or the bodybuilding brother? Read about gym etiquette here and find out which role you play!