John H. Myers


John H. Myers Jr, is an instructor at the Summit Martial Arts Center in Manheim, PA where the CST Beta was held. Mr. Myers works as a personal trainer combining Kettlebell, ?, and Body Flow. His other interests include western long sword and Japanese swordsmanship. Science Fiction and the writing of Sci Fi. Layman science and astronomy and ancient military history. And lets not forget, good B movies.

He is available for private instruction appointments and training.


  • The Intermediate's Clubbell Workout... With Video Guides!

    Having paid your dues doing things like Call to Order and Front Leverage Pressing and the tough yet fun Squat and Torch Press, you are now ready for me to unleash some real pain on you. Follow this intermediate program and you'll gain results.

  • The Beginners Clubbell Workout!

    Learn how to get starting with clubbells with this all-in-one guide. Exercise pictures and videos included on how to properly perform the exercises. Check back soon for part two and three and the HUGE clubbell exercise database!

  • Grab A Club & Get Primal!

    Clubbells are a basic tool, utilizing a direct and dynamic approach, and the benefits will take you far beyond the finite limits of machines, spinning classes, and aerobics. Find out some basics of clubbell training!

  • An Intro To Clubbells!

    Find out who John Myers is, what clubbells are, why you should use them and how they can help you!