Lisa Moser


Coming from a fitness background, I am no stranger to the dedication, hard work, and total mental focus that it takes to compete in fitness/figure, or in general personal fitness. I was a tomboy as a child, and played volleyball in Jr. and Sr. high school, so fitness was passion for me at an early age. Working in various health clubs and gyms during college, I became a professional at age 18, and haven't looked back. I am a Pro Fitness Support Coach today, with several years experience and expertise under my belt. I design programs to fit personal and individual needs. Nutritional counseling is also part of my professional insight on fitness. I am certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, as well as the American Council on Exercise for Professional Fitness Training and Counseling, I am also certified in Aerobic and Weight Training Instruction by the same associations. In addition, I hold a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Florida State University.

I live in, North Carolina.

I had personally been competing in fitness for 6 years prior to retiring in 2002 due to hectic travel and work schedule; however, I came out of retirement in 2006 when travel was no longer a requirement for my job. My goal is to be the best competitor I can be. Competing is very rewarding and it helps very much to keep me focused and positive. However, the road to the stage was not an easy one. Being committed to your goal is of a high priority. Managing family, work, friends, and training is an enormous task. But, it can be done with planning, and organization.

I had appeared on ESPN, and Entertainment Tonight, as well as Ms. Fitness Magazine, NPC Magazine, and various newspapers along the East Coast from New York to Florida, the West Coast from Nevada to California. I had also been a guest speaker on some local radio stations. I write fitness and nutrition articles for, which I am very proud of. I was also an advocate for The City of Hope for AIDS Awareness for three years.

Currently, I hold two regional titles that I obtained in 1999 before retiring, and in 2006. However, after coming out of retirement in 2006 I placed 1st in Fitness Tall Class and 3rd in Figure C Class a tremendous comeback for me. More recently, as of November 7th 2009, I competed in the Elite Muscle Classic, held in Greensboro, NC, and placed 2nd in Fitness, earning my qualification to compete on a national level, which was my ultimate goal.

I possess a whole new commitment to the sport after I endured a tragic accident in 2004 that fractured my hip. It had broken in two. I was never supposed to be able to walk right, or run again, much less even think about competing. Being an athlete, that is a hard lump to swallow. The road to recovery was a very difficult one, but I endured and I proved all my doctors wrong by not only recovering as close to 100% from my injury as I could, but also by coming out of retirement to compete again 2 years later, and winning 1st place in my class in Fitness and 3rd place in my class in Figure, it was a very proud and emotional moment for me. A tremendous accomplishment. My trainer, Mike Davies of the Fitness Factory in Columbus, Ohio, brought my lacking thigh muscle out of atrophy, and extremely weak legs suffered from trauma and major surgery back as close to full capacity as possible, and I am forever grateful for the help and training that he provided for me. I still to this day struggle with the weakness in my hip, it will never be as stable as it was before the accident, and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life, however, that does not deter me from my objective. I know that if I stay focused and train hard to keep getting stronger, I can overcome my obstacles. I've proven that to myself already.

Mike has been my trainer for 3 years now, and is assisting me to my first National show in over 13 years. It has been a tough journey, probably my toughest ever. Getting ready for national level competing is no casual walk in the park. It is very dedicated, focused, disciplined, committed, not to mention a difficult journey. I am on the road to my Pro Card thru the IFBB, to be recognized for the true professional I am through all the hard work and dedication I have given to this sport as well as to health, fitness and the well-being of my clients, friends and family for over 25 years. I am stronger and look better than I ever have before. Today, my goal is to continue to build and strengthen my body to limits beyond what I ever thought I was capable of, thanks to Mike Davies I have the confidence and a deeper drive to go for that dream, even now, at the age of 45. The upcoming competition year is going to be spectacular. I am looking forward to it with great anticipation.

You can visit me anytime at my website: Drop by to say hello, or to ask a question. I offer online Competition and Fitness Support.

Mentoring other women and men toward their goals in competing, also in general health and well-being gives a true feeling of satisfaction and pride. The experience has been nothing short of delightful. I am thrilled that I made the tremendous effort to experience fitness competing past, and present, and now looking toward the future.

My efforts now, are to be the best I can be as well as help others reach their goals in competing which is not only exciting, but extremely fulfilling. It makes me very happy and proud to get the feedback from the many women that I have assisted along this path who are doing extremely well in their own efforts to succeed in the very competitive fitness/figure competition world, as well as my general fitness enthusiasts.

I encourage everyone to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Nothing is more important than your personal health and well-being. Goals can be set and accomplished if you set them realistically and dedicate yourself to them, and stay open minded to ever changing world of bodybuilding development.

If you need assistance in getting ready for Fitness, Figure, or for personal fitness, or are not sure what to do to get started, please contact me at I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested, and I will assist you in any way that I can.

Train Smart.

Born: October, 25th
Resides: North Carolina
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5' 7"
Average Training Weight: 135
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde
Competition Weight: 128
Years Competing: 8
Current Status: Active

2009 2nd Place Fitness - North Carolina Elite Muscle Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini
2006 1st Place Fitness Tall - North Carolina Elite Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness
2006 3rd Place Figure C Class - North Carolina Elite Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness
1999 1st Place Winner in 1999 NPC Natural Carolina Open Fitness Championships
1999 2nd Runner-Up, NPC East Carolina Fitness Championships
1998 3rd Runner-Up, NGA Natural East Coast Fitness Championships
1996 Participant - Standing 43, 1996 Ms. Fitness USA Championships - Los Angeles
1995 2nd Runner-Up, Delaware Valley Ms. Fitness Championships
1995 Participant - Standing 34, Ms. National Fitness Championships - NV
1995 3rd Runner-Up, Ms. Fitness Atlantic Coast Championships


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