Francesco Casillo


I started competing in B.B. in '97 at the "Natural Mr. Universe NBBUW" and ranked 3rd. My 2nd contest was in '98 at the same contest "Natural Mr. Universe NBBUW" and ranked 2nd.

After that I stopped competing because I started to study at University the course of "Movement Science". Thanks to the studies done I improved my knowledge on nutrition, training, kinesiology, endocrinology.

Once finished the University I felt like a new wind around me that pushed me to compete again. In that period I knew a girl that has improved my whole quality life and allowed me to focus all myself to a big B.B. event, The Superbody World Championship on June 22nd in Miami Beach, where I ranked 1st in the novice class. For that contest I reached a body shape I never hoped to achieve.

"I dedicate my win at the Superbody World Championship to the love and attention that a very Special Woman Ms: Romina Soi gave to me whose love has allowed to my inner hidden strength to be unleashed! Thank you Romina (I'll never forget your sincerity and pureness all lifelong)."

Years Bodybuilding: 8
Favorite Bodypart: Back
Favorite Exercise: Chin-ups
Favorite Supplements: Whey Protein, Dymetadrine Extreme, Phosphatidilserine
Age: 25
Body Fat: 4% Using The Skinfold Caliper

Height: 182 Cm (71in)
Weight: 95kg (Offseason) 92kg (Contest)
Chest: 118 cm (46in)
Calves: 42cm (16in)
Legs: 65cm (25inc)
Arms: 44cm (17in)
Waist: 85cm (33in)


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