Tanji Johnson


  • 2001 NPC National Fitness Championships - 1st Place Overall and Medium Class
  • 2001 NPC Northwest Championships - 1st Place Fitness
  • 2001 NPC Washington Ironman Championships - 1st Place Fitness
  • 2001 Washington State Championships - 1st Place Fitness and Figure Overall
  • 2001 Women's Tri-Fitness World Challenge - 5th Overall
  • 2001 NPC Emerald Cup Figure Winner - Short Class
  • 2000 Fitness America Nationals - Top 15 Finalist
  • 2000 ESPN Series - Runner Up
  • 2000 Fitness Texas Champion
  • 2000 NPC Inland Pacific Fitness Champion
  • 2001 NPC National Fitness Champion


  • Modern/Urban/Hip Hop/Funk - 8 years of experience
  • Lead Hip Hop Instructor - Avalon Dance Studio


  • Varsity Cheerleader - USAF Academy (1995-97)
  • Head Cheerlead Coach - USAF Academy (1997-98)
  • National Cheer Association Instructor (1996-97)


  • Certifications: American Council On Exercise, IFPA

Birthday: Jan. 9, 1975
Nationality: Black/Korean
Height: 5' 3"
Weight (on season): 118 lbs
Weight (off season): 122 lbs
Measurements: 33-26-33.5
Occupation: US Air Force 1st Lieutenant Aircraft Maintenance
Education: B.S. in Humanities from U.S. Air Force Academy, M.B.A. from Webster University

Website: http://www.tanjijohnson.com/
BodySpace: bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/TanjiJohnson

Hear an audio podcast interview with Tanji just a few days before the 2006 Olympia! Click here to listen.

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