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Glenn Macnamara is a Springbok duathlete, having represented his country in the last 7 World Duathlon championships.(Springbok meaning he represents his country-South Africa) He competes in the International Powerman Long distance duathlon series where he has achieved numerous top 10 finishes in countries like Japan, Malaysia, South Africa and France.

At the beginning of 2003, he was ranked 16th in the world. He recently finished 15th in the elite field at the World Long distance championships in Zofingen,Switzerland.

He has also made it his lifework to find the keys to continual peak performance. He is his own student and teacher. He has spent time with many experts in their respective fields ranging from medical practitioners, psychologists, physiotherapists mentors, chiropractors and holistic healers. He is able to share with his audience ways to deal with everyday problems and stresses.

Coupled with his vast racing experience at the highest level, Glenn is uniquely equipped to guide other sports people to achieve their highest aims regardless of their proficiency or ambition.

He has experienced firsthand how our lives have natural rhythms.

His talks share techniques and methods to uncover one's own cycles.

Glenn presents regular talks at The Castle in Kyalami and the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). His clients include Sasol, Nedcor, Eskom, SABC, Siemens, Audi, Sanlam, Standard Bank, Momentum Life, Estee Lauder, Oce Printing Systems.

He freelances as a journalist. He is the content editor of

He also writes regular articles for Runners World, Supacycling and Ride magazine.

Some questions to answer yourself:

  • Have you ever gotten frustrated with yourself for not achieving the results you think you deserve?
  • Do you or others consider you to be "underachieving"?
  • Do you really "want" to achieve more?
  • Do you feel that come competition you do not perform like you do in training or practice?
  • Do you struggle to find or maintain motivation?
  • Do you experience days when you simply "cannot put a foot wrong" or "right" and you cannot explain that?
  • Do you sometimes "wonder why you are doing this"?
  • Do you tend to over-analyze your performances/results?
  • Do you struggle with competition nerves?
  • Are you someone who seemingly performs "better" in training than in the actual event?

Glenn can guide you to a greater understanding and awareness of the uniqueness that is you. Through this wonderfully enlightening process, you can unlock the door to previously unimagined performances.


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