Bill Belfert


Bill Belfert is a Body Transformation Specialist training people who are time-constrained, but nonetheless, recognize the positive effect fitness will have in their lives.

Bill has been working on refining a minimal training technique that yields the desired slimming, toning and weight-reduction results that can fit into people's busy schedules and without drastic changes in diet.

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Bill has been involved in fitness training and nutrition development for over twenty-five years and has been professionally training clients for the last eighteen years. This period of time also saw the increased interest and demand in fitness training that is also balanced to meet the need for time management.

As a result of participation in competitions and of client training experience, Bill's fitness and nutrition program has continuously evolved and improved to what is described in his book Bare Minimum Training

Bill's achievements include the following:

  • Selected as a before & after physique model for national print ads for Cytodyne Technologies 2001 - 2002
  • 1997 EAS Grand Spokesperson National Championship Second Runner-up Fat Loss Category
  • Featured in the December 1997 issue of Muscle Media magazine
  • Bodybuilding Competition from 1986-1993 and in 1997
  • 1st Place Middleweight, Nat'l Physique Committee (NPC) New Jersey Open Novice 1986
  • 3rd Place Light Heavy Weight, NPC Garden State Championships 1990
  • 2nd Place Light Heavy Weight, NPC Garden State Championships 1991
  • 4th Place Light Heavy Weight, NPC Tri-State Championships 1993
  • 4th Place Light Heavy Weight NPC, New York World Gym Championships 1993
  • 5th Place Middle Weight, Nat'l Gym Assoc. (NGA) Hercules Championships 1997

On top of the competitive achievements, however, Bill derives the most satisfaction and pride from transforming the bodies and lives of his many clients!

When not working with clientele, Bill is a devoted husband and family man, with three children. His other interests include football, popular music and films.

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