Joe Leech, MS, RD


Joe is a Sydney-based health writer with qualifications as a Clinical and Sports Dietitian. He studied in both Australia and Finland, earning a Master's Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2011. He writes and speaks around the world, traveling much of the year.

After years in the health field, Joe got fed up with the pseudo-science, anti-education culture that audiences tend to foster online. Those misleading sources are particularly concerning in the food and nutrition space, where people's health is the focus.

Joe, short for Johan, started an organization called Diet vs. Disease to dispel inaccurate and misleading health issues. He spent years studying actual studies to help people sort through material to find the real science hidden behind the headlines.

Leech recently left the front line fight in dietetics and now writes full-time to online audiences looking for unbiased health advice.