Mike Fry - Grapplers Gym


Mike is the owner of Grapplers Gym and www.grapplersgym.com a company that is dedicated to teaching today?s wrestlers and MMA fighters the training and conditioning techniques to help them reach their peak fitness levels.

As a wrestler growing up in Michigan, Mike had the opportunity to train under hall of fame coach Tom Krepps at Grandville high school. During this time Mike topped the 100 win club and took 4th in the nation in freestyle and is one of the top 25 all time in wins at G.H.S. Mike still wrestlers and is currently the 2003-2004 Connecticut Nutmeg Games wrestling champion.

Mike started grappler?s gym and www.grapplersgym.com because so many wrestlers were asking the question ?How I train to get better at the sport of wrestling?. With Grapplers Gym Mike has answered that question. Strength and conditioning for wrestlers should not be a mystery and at Grapplers Gym Mike and his staff of trained certified strength and conditioning coaches have broken training down so everyone can do it and understand it.

Height: 6?3"
Weight: 275


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