Jen Jewell


Born and raised in California, internationally published fitness model, fitness writer, and certified personal trainer Jen Jewell has maintained a passion for staying active and physically fit since an early age. A former competitive gymnast, she grew up working out 5-to-6 days a week. Yet when injuries sidelined her gymnastics career, Jen promptly joined a local health club in pursuit of other fitness goals.

From instructing group fitness classes (starting back in high school) to working one-on-one with clients, she has been involved in the health and fitness industry for more than a decade. "Keeping fitness fun" is a top priority that she applies to her clients as well as her own workouts. Her clientele is diverse, ranging from celebrities, athletes, and other fitness competitors to the regular people who simply want to take their fitness to the next level. Jen loves to take her workouts to the beach, stairs, hikes, and other outdoor areas that Southern Cali has to offer. For nutrition, Jen adheres to a balanced approach and recommends it to her clients. Proper nutrition is vital for weight-loss or fitness success.

Jen is also a competitive fitness athlete. In her first competition, she earned professional status with the title of WBFF Pro and is currently ranked 4th amongst the Top WBFF Pro Fitness athletes in the world. She also has an online training and coaching business,, where she works with clientele worldwide via Skype sessions and provides detailed customized programs for clients, no matter their goals.

But Jen hasn't always worked in the field of fitness. In fact, after she completed her Bachelor's in Marketing, Public Relations from California State University, Sacramento, she took a brief detour from her work in fitness. She spent time in corporate America as a business consultant for a Fortune 500 company and then as a medical sales representative. In November 2011, she decided to take a leap of faith, follow her passion for fitness, and left her corporate job behind in pursuit of a full-time career in fitness.

When not working with clients or preparing for her own fitness events, Jen loves to travel (tropical adventures rank at the top of the list), venture to museums, try new cuisine, read, and spend time with her loved ones.