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Our full listing of male writers. Get their targeted advice for training like a real man!
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Our full listing of female writers! Learn the secrets to getting results, from a woman's perspective.
It's all about strength! Learn how to get stronger and compete in powerlifting or strongman events.
Not a bodybuilder? Learn about fitness and figure competitions from the best in the world!
Competitive Bodybuilders
These men know what it takes to compete on a bodybuilding stage. Learn their secrets!
Competitive Bodybuilders
Woman may not get as big as the men, but they can get ripped to the bone! Learn how.
Interested in getting bigger and stronger for your sport? These writers can help!
Modeling Experts
What does it take to become a famous fitness or bodybuilding model? Learn from those who do it!
Over 40
It's never too late! These men are over 40 but are in better shape than most 20 year olds.
Over 40
It's not a young woman's world! These over 40 writers know how to stay in shape.
Diet/Nutrition Experts
These guys know more about diet and nutrition than most doctors. Find out the truth.
Diet/Nutrition Experts
These women know the value of nutrition and dieting when it comes to looking good.

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Teen Bodybuilding
Our full listing of teen writers! Have the best looking body in your entire school.
Professional Bodybuilders
The top bodybuilders in the world are here to help you get professional results!
Training Experts
You've got the diet and supplements down, now learn about training for fast results.
These writers have transformed their body or they are experts on the subject!
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These companies have provided us with articles for our site. Learn from the experts!

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