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Help people around the planet by contributing your training advice, nutritional tips, pre-contest plans, muscle gaining tips, and supplement stacks that have worked well for you.

What Are We Looking For?

We want your advice, experiences, research, and knowledge on any aspect of bodybuilding or fitness. You can give us your training advice, nutritional tips, precontest plan and how it worked, muscle gaining tips, supplementation stacks that have worked well for you... you get the idea. Many ideas for your writing can be found by reading our current article library and visiting our forums.

What Will You Get?

We want your content! Here's the deal. We pay some authors in store credit for each quality article you write that we publish online. How much? Well, that depends on the article. For a well-researched, quality article in the 1500 word-range, you will earn $25 worth of supplement credit to use at our online store.

For articles that obviously had much more time and energy put into them (and are considerably longer than the average) are going to be worth more. Based on the length and quality of the article, it could be worth $50 or $75. The max payout for an article is $75 worth of store credit.

We will do the work for you in setting up your own section of All you have to do is send us your articles, pictures and information! You'll be famous around the world! You will be shocked at the response you will get from readers.

What Are The Writer Guidelines?

  1. No plagiarism. We want your original content! We encourage you to do research on anything you are unsure about to write better articles. It's fine to quote other sources and use information from them as long as you reference them.
  2. Supplement credit is given after the article is published.
  3. We have the right to publish or refuse any article.
  4. Although we don't believe in censorship, we reserve the right to edit any article we publish.
  5. Each article must be spell-checked and grammar-checked. Also, please use proper capitalization and don't send in an article in ALL CAPS.
  6. If possible, send pictures of yourself or anything relevant to post with your content.
  7. Each article needs to be at least one to two pages, roughly 1500 words.
  8. As long as they are all high quality, you can submit as many articles as you want.
  9. Each article needs to include a title, date, and your name.

Showcase Your Talents And Help Others!

Okay, are you ready to be famous and to join our prestigious list of current writers? We can't wait to promote you and your articles! You will help thousands of bodybuilders everyday to reach their goals and better understand the art of bodybuilding. Not to mention, you will receive supplements and products for each article of yours we publish to help you better your physique and reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals.

The added bonus of writing for is that you will be more apt to stick with your training program and diet plan, not to mention advancing your knowledge of the science of building a better body.

How Do You Get Started?

Get started by emailing us:

  • Your first article.
  • A link to your BodySpace profile. Don't have one yet? Sign up now - it's free!
  • Photos, photos, photos!
  • Your background history, bio and the following and any other relevant information that your fans will want to know.
  • Send to
  • Include: "Writing Bodybuilding Articles" in the Subject line.
  • Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Don't forget to check out our library of current articles to get ideas and to see what's already out there.

Also, don't forget to check out our popular forums to get inside info and ideas on hundreds of bodybuilding subjects, post questions, answers and read what hundreds of bodybuilders think!

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