5x5 for Muscle and Strength

One of the most iconic classic strength protocols, 5x5 strengthens your entire body using compound lifts, short sets, and plenty of volume. If you want to build unprecedented strength in only three days a week, this is the program for you. It isn't fancy, but it works.

4 Week(s)
Fitness Level
Gain strength
Workouts Per Week
6 workouts
Equipment Needed
Minimal Equipment

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Build Strength and Muscle

Time-Tested Training That Works

3 workouts per week / 45-60 min. per workout

5x5 is a simple program that is highly customizable based on your experience level and what equipment you have on hand. It's only a four-week plan, but it's meant to be repeated for up to several months. Beginners who are ready to level up can use this plan, and intermediate or advanced lifters can gain with it, as well. The program instructions include options for tailoring 5x5 to your level.

More than a workout plan. With this plan you also receive:

Simple, Effective Training

Straightforward workouts you can do in any gym

The 5x5 workouts are deceptively simple. There are no complex rep schemes or techniques to remember. All you need is a rack, a bench, a barbell, and the willingness to set your ego aside and do some solid work. It may sound easy, but these workouts are anything but.

Track Your Progress

Real-time app tracking

The 5x5 approach only works if you know what you're doing. That means tracking the weights you lift and the rest periods between sets. You can do both in the Bodybuilding.com BodyFit Elite App! Plus, you can watch instructional videos of every movement. This program is too important to leave anything up to chance!

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You’ll be able to track your workouts, nail your nutrition plan, stock up on supps, and get fit on the go.

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