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Workout Details

Fitness level: Beginner
Equipment needed: Full Gym

Plan Details

Category: Recovery
Videos: 16
Nutrition plan: No
Supplement plan: No
Mobile app: No
Fix Your Aching Back, Shoulder, or Knee Fix Your Aching Back, Shoulder, or Knee icon

Fix Your Aching Back, Shoulder, or Knee


If you're a beat-up lifter, or just a beat-up human being, then this is for you. An elite strength coach and doctor of physical therapy will show you how to optimize your lifting form, make effective exercise substitutions, and construct workouts that'll leave you feeling amazing.

Back-and-Knee-Friendly Lower-Body Workout

1 set, 45 sec (per leg)
1 set, 45 sec (per leg)
1 set, 10 reps (pulsing per leg, plus 10-sec. hold)
1 set, 10 reps (pulsing per side, plus 10 sec. per leg)
Muscle Activation Superset
3 sets, 5-10 reps (per side)
Movement Patterning Superset
Use the same light weight for both of these movements, holding the dumbbell on its side. This is just a warm-up to groove the movement patterns.
Nervous System-Priming Superset
3 sets, 1-2 reps
Power Primer Movement
3 sets, 15-20 reps (rest 45-60 sec.)
Primary Strength Movement
7 sets, 5 reps (art with a low weight, like 10 pounds, and add weight in 10-20-pound increments until you reach the maximum weight you can handle for 5 reps.)
Goblet Squat Test
1 set, 25 reps (Use a dumbbell that weighs approximately half of your body weight.)
Single-Leg Hypertrophy Movement
4 sets, 8 reps (Perform first set with body weight, and add weight slowly to every set, if possible. Don't make jumps any heavier than 5-10 pounds per hand. A little loading goes a long way with this movement.)
Bilateral Hypertrophy Movement
3 sets, 10 reps (Use a looped band around the handles of the dumbbells, and under the feet, to add resistance to the top of the movement. Use 2 warm-up sets to build up to your 3 working sets.)
Metabolic Stress Finisher
1 set, 100 reps (Load the movement with weights attached to a dip belt, a Smith machine, or just with body weight. This is a "death set." Perform as many reps as possible with good form, then rest for 10-15 seconds, and repeat until you hit 100 total reps.)

Expert Instruction Expert Instruction icon

Expert Instruction


Dr. John Rusin has worked with top athletes worldwide to unlock their lifting potential and lift the burden of pain off of their backs, knees, and shoulders. Learn what you may be unknowingly doing to sabotage your success, and learn a better way!

Intelligent Movement Substitution Intelligent Movement Substitution icon

Intelligent Movement Substitution


You have the responsibility to train the right movement variations for your body! Don't try to force-feed movements that might get you hurt, or just guess what's a better choice. Use the Unstoppable movement pyramids to "audit" your training and optimize it for your body!

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