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Workout Details

Duration: 5 weeks
Workouts per week: 7
Fitness level: Advanced
Equipment needed: Minimal Equipment

Plan Details

Category: Gain strength
Videos: 5
Nutrition plan: Yes
Supplement plan: Yes
Mobile app: No
30 Days of Workouts 30 Days of Workouts icon

30 Days of Workouts


Squat every day to add total-body strength, size, and a massive serving of mental fortitude to your gym repertoire. This is for the hardcore!

Squat And Chest

10 sets, 10,10,5,5,3,3,3,1,1,1 reps
3 sets. Rest as little as possible between sets.
3 sets, 10-15 reps
30 light reps (warm-up) 4 sets, 12,10,8,6 reps
3 sets
3 sets, 20 reps
3 sets, 20 reps

Squat Tutorial Videos Squat Tutorial Videos icon

Squat Tutorial Videos


If you think Squat Every Day meant you'd be doing the same squat every day, you're wrong! This program contains 11 distinct squat variations. Learn them the right way!

History of the Squat Video History of the Squat Video icon

History of the Squat Video


Ready for the most badass history lesson you've ever had? Learn about the most powerful of all muscle-building exercises from the legends who introduced it to the gym long ago!

Success Stories

See What Others Have Achieved

Squat Every Day has already changed thousands of lives. Here's what those who followed it have to say.

zshoffman104 testimonial

This is a hard program, mentally and physically. Every day was a challenge to hit them legs, but it gave me huge respect for the squat and importance of squatting above all other workouts. I am 6-foot-4 and at the start weighed 220 pounds. At the end of the program, I weighed in at 235 pounds. I honestly put on 15 pounds during this program.

smarthinking testimonial

The program WORKS. If you are looking to seriously change up your workouts or looking to really push yourself, this is a very good program. The concept of having a main compound lift every day works. Do your research and watch his videos on form; it is important to not injure yourself.

yrrek testimonial

Completed one year of this (might have taken a few days off here and there). My squat, bench, and deads are all up roughly 100 pounds each. I recommend finding a gym partner as serious as you are about getting stacked, because this regimen is mentally taxing and waking up the next day gets harder and harder. I can't imagine the kind of results I would have had if I had a partner to push me when I wanted to quit.

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