Total Fitness with Andy Speer

Strength. Size. Athleticism. Mobility. Earn it all and keep it, with this innovative exercise plan from world-class coach Andy Speer. You'll push heavy iron, get serious pumps, improve your health, and move like an athlete every day—with a body to match! It's perfect for beginners, but also experienced lifters and athletes looking to round out their abilities.

8 Week(s)
Fitness Level
Get fit
Workouts Per Week
5 workouts
Equipment Needed
Minimal Equipment

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Become a Total Athlete

Feel as Good as You Look, Perform Even Better

3-5 workouts per week / 30-45 min. workouts

In four two-week cycles, each culminating in a challenge workout that tests your progress, you'll find where your limits are and push them into new territory. You'll use weights, body weight, and targeted mobility and flexibility work. By the end, you'll be able to jump and run like an athlete, throw around some heavy weights in the gym, and look lean and mean.

More than a workout plan. With this plan you also receive:

Expert Instruction

World-class programming for anyone

Fitness model and elite coach Andy Speer designed this program to give the type of one-on-one training experience his Manhattan clients pay big bucks for. You'll get daily workouts, but you'll also get detailed videos introducing each training cycle. In the videos, Speer breaks down the schedule and split, explains what exercises you'll be doing and why, and shows you what you can expect throughout the cycle and challenge.

Nutrition and Supplement Plan

Food list / Recommended supps

You're going to be working seriously hard during Total Fitness. Eating right and fueling your training appropriately will be a must! You'll get an easy-to-follow nutrition guide with macronutrient and supplement recommendations. Not only will proper nutrition optimize your results, it will optimize your overall health, too!

Go Mobile!

You’ll be able to track your workouts, nail your nutrition plan, stock up on supps, and get fit on the go.

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