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Lee Labrada's 12-Week Lean Body Trainer - Week 5, Day 33

Today's workout is simple: 26-30 minutes of cardio, but I'd also like to cover positive self talk.

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Today's workout is simple: 26-30 minutes of cardio, but I'd also like to cover positive self talk.

Week 5, Day 33 Cardio and the Success Mindset!
Watch the video: 1:49

Positive Self Talk

Everyone has doubts, but many people's outlooks default to negativity. If you are always picking apart the things you've done, you will constantly be hearing a negative voice in your head.

If, on the other hand, you say positive statements to yourself, you'll be boosting your level of confidence and feel better about your overall progress.

A positive self affirmation is a statement that you say to yourself that affirms something positive about how you're doing. The more often you can say positive self-statements to yourself, the faster you are going to make progress - it's not just about achieving goals, but telling yourself that you can achieve them. It's just like programming a computer, except in this case, you're programming your mind.

Try this exercise for one week - every time you say something negative about yourself or your progress, state two positive things you have done, and then repeat those to yourself. You'll find that by developing a habit of doing this, you'll feel much better about yourself and you may have an easier time sticking with your goals as well.

Don't ever overlook the power of your mind - what you say to yourself on a daily basis will influence your results. Stay positive!



  • Minutes 1-2: Level One (Easy resistance)
  • Minutes 3-5: Level Two (Moderate resistance)
  • Minutes 6-9: Level Three (Difficult resistance)
  • Minutes 10-11: Level Two
  • Minutes 12-15: Level Three
  • Minutes 16-17: Level Two
  • Minutes 18-21: Level Three
  • Minutes 22-24: Level Two
  • Minutes 25-26: Level One

Tomorrow, you're heading back to the gym for another chest, shoulders and triceps workout. I'll also give you some tips on picking fruits and vegetables for your Lean Body Nutrition Program. Get some rest and get ready for a great workout tomorrow.

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