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Lee Labrada's 12-Week Lean Body Trainer - Week 2, Day 14

You've almost made it through the first two weeks of this Lean Body transformation and I hope you're feeling great.

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You've almost made it through the first two weeks of this Lean Body transformation and I hope you're feeling great. By now you should be starting to notice some positive changes in the mirror and you are likely noticing your training weights increasing in the gym as well. These are both signs that your hard work is paying off.

Today you're going to hit the gym for a back and biceps workout and including 26-30 minutes of cardio after your weight training. I'm also going to go over growth threshold and intensity.

Week 2, Day 14 Back and Biceps
Watch the video: 4:16

Growth Threshold and Intensity

What this principle essentially states is that the heavier the weight you lift, the more muscle fibers will be recruited to help you hoist that weight upwards.

At the start of the set, you may only be recruiting a few of the muscle fibers but as soon as those start to fatigue, then you're going to begin recruiting many more in order to keep lifting that weight.

This is why we have you working with sets of 10 repetitions. If you only stick to just lower reps, it's going to be hard to recruit all the muscle fibers. Regardless of how many repetitions you perform in a set, it's important to train the muscle until it tires out and it's not possible for you to perform another assisted repetition.

Training in this manner will make your workouts as productive as possible. So really do make sure you push yourself during your workouts. If you don't, you won't see the results you should be getting from all your hard effort.

The Workout

Back & Biceps Workout


  • Minutes 1-2: Level One (Easy resistance)
  • Minutes 3-5: Level Two (Moderate resistance)
  • Minutes 6-9: Level Three (Difficult resistance)
  • Minutes 10-11: Level Two
  • Minutes 12-15: Level Three
  • Minutes 16-17: Level Two
  • Minutes 18-21: Level Three
  • Minutes 22-24: Level Two
  • Minutes 25-26: Level One

Remember to take your post-workout protein shake and simple carb in as quickly as possible after you're finished to support fast recovery. You'll kick off week three tomorrow with 30 minutes of cardio and a lesson on how to increase your metabolic rate.

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