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Lee Labrada's 12-Week Lean Body Trainer - Week 12, Day 78

Welcome to the final week of the Lean Body Challenge. Today you'll be getting your 26-30 minutes of cardio out of the way.

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Welcome to the final week of the Lean Body Challenge.

Today you'll be getting your 26-30 minutes of cardio out of the way.

I hope you're excited to be almost finished, but also excited that this means you're about to open a brand new chapter in your life - that of maintaining what you've accomplished.

Week 12, Day 78 Cardio & Melting Stubborn Fat!
Watch the video: 2:17

Melting Stubborn Fat

We all have them - that one area of the body that does not seem to take the shape we are looking for.

For some of us, it's the stomach. For others, it's the fat under the arms. It could be your hips or thighs. Whatever it is, chances are you wish you could see it gone. What you must remember about trouble spots is that they will come off in time.

It's just a matter of the body holding onto its body fat a little bit harder in these areas, so to succeed in fixing these trouble zones, you'll have to get even leaner than you are now.

Unfortunately, there's no such thing as spot reducing. This means you have to stick to your diet plan and work hard in the gym.

If you keep at it, eventually these trouble spots will be tamed, and you'll finally be happy with how they look.


I love this recipe because it combines taste, healthy nutrition, and convenience and fits perfectly into the Lean Body Nutrition Program.

This meal fulfills the rule of thirds with a great protein source, carb sources and vegetables. To learn how to make these foods check out the complete recipes in the Lean Body Recipes Guide.

Download the full guide to see even more great tasting Lean Body Meals.

Labrada's 7 Day Meal Plan PDF (155 KB)

Polenta And Sea Scallops

Estimated Prep Time: 5 min
Estimated Cook Time: 15 min

Makes 4 servings

Cooking Materials
  • Medium saucepan
  • Medium skillet
  • Large nonstick skillet
  1. Bring 6 cups of water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Stir in the bouillon cube and polenta. Turn the heat down and simmer, stirring occasionally, until creamy, about 10 min.
  2. Meanwhile, cut the onion, mushroom, and pepper into thin slices. Heat the oil in a medium skillet and add them to the skillet along with the garlic. Saute until the onions are soft, 4 to 5 min. Set aside.
  3. Dry the scallops well on paper towels. Place a little olive oil in a large nonstick skillet and heat until very hot; add the scallops in a single layer. This needs to be done on high heat so they cook quickly and seal on the outside. Cook the scallops about 2 min on each side. Do not overcook; the scallops should cut easily with a fork. Remove from the heat immediately.
  4. In large bowls layer the polenta, cheese, and veggies, and top with the scallops.

Polenta And Sea Scallops PDF (78 KB)

Active Rest Day - Cardio



  • Minutes 1-2: Level One (Easy resistance)
  • Minutes 3-5: Level Two (Moderate resistance)
  • Minutes 6-9: Level Three (Difficult resistance)
  • Minutes 10-11: Level Two
  • Minutes 12-15: Level Three
  • Minutes 16-17: Level Two
  • Minutes 18-21: Level Three
  • Minutes 22-24: Level Two
  • Minutes 25-26: Level One

Make sure you get in your cardio workout for 30 minutes, and rest up for chest, shoulders, and triceps for tomorrow's workout.

Also, don't let yourself fall off the bandwagon because you no longer have daily guidance. If you want, you can restart the Lean Body program - just push a bit harder now that you're more advanced.

Whatever your decision, invest in yourself by staying on your fitness program.

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