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This is how many days per week you want to workout.
If you want to workout 3 days per week, choose "Exactly 3."
If you want to workout no more than 5 days per week, choose "5 Or Less."
Since some workout programs don't follow a weekly schedule, this may be approximate in some cases.

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Main Goal Of Workout Program:

Many workouts accomplish different goals at the same time. For example, a muscle building workout will almost always help build strength at the same time. Choose the goal that is MOST important to you, and the workouts that are shown will be geared more toward your chosen goal.

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Type Of Workout Program:

A Split Bodypart Routine means that you work different body parts on different days. For example, one workout might have you work biceps and chest on one day, then triceps and back on a different day. This is the most common type of workout program.

A Full Body Routine means that you work the entire body each workout day.

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Note: It is recommended that you do not change the settings below unless you are looking for something really specific.

Number Of Average Individual Exercises Per Workout:

This is the average number of individual exercises you will do during each workout. If your workout consisted of bench presses, squats and shoulder presses, then you would have 3 exercises during that workout. This doesn't take in to account how many sets of each exercise you will be doing.

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Number Of Average Sets Per Workout:

This is the average number of sets you will be doing for the whole workout. So if a workout has you doing 3 sets of bench press, 4 sets of squats and then 3 sets of shoulder presses, you would be doing 10 total sets during that workout.

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