Lee Labrada's 12-Week Lean Body Trainer - Week 8, Day 52

Welcome back. Today we are headed into the gym to perform our chest, shoulders, and triceps workout.

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Welcome back. Today we are headed into the gym to perform our chest, shoulders, and triceps workout.

Week 8, Day 52 Chest, Shoulders & Triceps!
Watch the video: 4:51

Avoiding Sugar Shock

Let's talk about what to do when you have a craving for sugar. Everybody gets them sometimes - I know I do! For many people, their 'sweet tooth' is what gets them into trouble with their diet and hampers their progress.

If you have been eating your weekly Cheat Meal Alternatives that I have provided, you shouldn't be suffering too much with cravings.

Labrada's 7 Day Meal Plan PDF (155 KB)

If you're dying to have something sweet and can't wait until your next cheat meal day, here are some helpful hints:

  • Sugar cravings are usually a result of low blood sugar. The best way to get your blood sugar stabilized is by eating one of your balanced Lean Body Meals consisting of a protein and a complex carb.
  • If you've just eaten and you're still experiencing a sugar craving, then wait a few minutes.
  • If the craving doesn't subside, try satisfying it with a small amount of a low-sugar fruit, such as an apple or fresh berries.
  • If it's not time for your next meal, try drinking a small protein shake.

Be careful not to let cravings spin out of control and lead you into a food binge, which can ruin a week's worth of progress. If you ever do binge, stop as soon as possible and get back on your diet. That's not giving you permission to binge-binging is bad news for your program.

The Workout

Chest/Shoulders/Triceps Workout

Make sure you get a good solid meal within an hour of finishing your workout.

For example, get a small post-workout shake into your body as soon as you finish working out. Later on, you should eat a full meal with protein, carbohydrates, and a small amount of healthy fats.

This will fully replenish your muscles and get them ready to hit the gym on the next day.

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