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Top Muscle Building Plans For Over 40 Females!

Congratulations, you've taken the first step towards a new you! You've told us your fitness goal, and we'll show you how to achieve it with free diet, training and supplement programs.
Congratulations, you're on your way to more muscle and sexy strength! Our female 40+ muscle-building plans contain free training, nutrition and supplement plans just for you.

Your Top 5 Female Muscle Building Plans


Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer

  • Our most popular plan - more than 5 million views!
  • 3-phase body-sculpting, fat-burning workout routine.
  • Includes recipes, shopping list, motivational tips and more!
Lee Labrada

Lee Labrada's LeanBody Trainer

  • Based on the best-selling "LeanBody" program.
  • Fitness legend becomes your personal trainer!
  • Daily video instruction - workouts, nutrition and more.
Lee Labrada

The Busy Mom Fitness Plan

  • The at-home fitness solution for women on the go.
  • Fast-paced workouts and easy meals for fast results!
  • Simple to schedule, easy to juggle with family and career.

12 Week Tone And Define Program

  • Transformations have NO age limits, so change now!
  • Time to do something amazing for yourself!
  • Customized plans for achieving daily goals!

Y3T: Neil Hill's 9-Week Trainer

  • Neil Hill and IFBB Pro Flex Lewis help you get huge.
  • Hardcore workout, supplement and nutrition plan.
  • Train with the pros to build muscle like the pros!
Free Video Trainers

Build Muscle, Pick Your Physique!

Laura Bailey teaches you to build beautiful muscle.
The Tri-Athlete Goddess
Build the body you've always wanted with Laura Bailey's full Fitness 360. She shows you how to train, eat, and supplement for sexy muscle. Lift with Laura!
Lindsay Miller proves that strong will always be sexy. Get strong with Lindsay's Fit 360!
The Girl Next Door
Lindsay Kaye Miller shows that strong will always be sexy. Get strong with her complete Fitness 360 program! Lift like Lindsay to look like Lindsay.
Nicole Moneer Guerrero is a fat loss phenom. Her Fit 360 can change your physique!
The Bikini Pro
Want to spend more time on the beach? Nicole can help you build muscle and a bikini-ready body with her full Fit 360 plan. Build your best-ever beach body with Nicole!

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