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Top Muscle Building Plans For 20-39 Males!

Congratulations, you've taken the first step towards a new you! You've told us your fitness goal, and we'll show you how to achieve it with free diet, training and supplement programs.
Congratulations, you're on the road to getting ripped. Our male 20-39 muscle-building plans feature free diet, training, and supplement plans to help you build more muscle than ever.

Your Top 8
Male Muscle Building Plans

Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin 12 Week Trainer

  • Train like Kris for the best workouts of your life!
  • Eat and supplement like Kris to build muscle and get ripped!
  • Exclusive tips and tools to start off day one strong!
Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin's DTP

  • Four weeks of intense pyramid training for serious gain!
  • Eat, lift and supp like Kris for optimal results!
  • No-nonsense advice and motivation from the Gethin machine!
Steve Cook's Big Man On Campus

Steve Cook's Big Man On Campus

  • Complete 12-week trainer specifically for college students.
  • Detailed info on training, nutrition, supplementation, and more!
  • Build muscle and gain strength with Steve Cook's workouts.
Steve Cook's Big Man On Campus
shortcut to size

Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Size

  • Dr. Jim Stoppani helps you build muscle faster than ever!
  • Science-backed 12-week program produces extreme results.
  • Build muscle and gain strength with Jim's exclusive tips.
HRT: Animal Hellraiser Trainer

HRT: Animal Hellraiser Trainer

  • 12-week program that delivers insane muscle growth!
  • Low-volume, high-intensity training for advanced lifters!
  • Diet and supplementation tips to fuel your mad gains!
HRT: Animal Hellraiser Trainer
Mike O'Hearn's Power Bodybuilding 12-Week Training Program

Power Bodybuilding Program

  • Combine the best of both worlds: powerlifting and bodybuilding!
  • Legend Mike O'Hearn shows how get to a mag-cover body!
  • Nutrition, supplementation, motivation - all covered!
Mike O'Hearn's Power Bodybuilding 12-Week Training Program
Massive Muscle

12 Week Massive Muscle Program

  • At this crucial point in your life, kick it into high gear!
  • It's easier to lose weight when you're young - start now!
  • Learn the metabolic and hormonal secrets for muscle growth!
Massive Muscle

Y3T: Neil Hill's 9-Week Trainer

  • Neil Hill and IFBB Pro Flex Lewis help you get huge.
  • Hardcore workout, supplement and nutrition plan.
  • Train with the pros to build muscle like the pros!
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Build Your Best Body: Pick Your Physique

Pack on quality mass fast to become a stud like Steve
The Football Stud
Want to be a stud like Steve? Catch his complete muscle-building program for ripped results. Build muscle with the BodySpace Spokesmodel's Fit 360.
Kelechi can help you build insane slabs of muscle around a solid core
The Military Ironman
Kelechi Opara has a crazy physique: massive, muscular, and strong. Want to build more muscle than you ever thought possible? Grab Kelechi's Fitness 360.
Huge defines Ryan Hughes. Want to turn heads with your ripped muscle? Follow Ryan's 360
The Fitness Phenom
Ryan Hughes is huge, and he can help you hit the same size. Want to lift heavy, build muscle, eat like a monster and train like a beast? Follow his Fit 360 now!

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