Erin Stern Elite Body 4 Week Daily Fitness Trainer Day 7

Today is a rest day. That means you should spend the day giving your muscles time to recover, not running an extra couple of miles. Growth happens outside the gym!

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Rest is a crucial aspect of building your elite body. The intense workouts of compound movements, multiple supersets, and short rest periods will have taxed your muscles, central nervous system, and cardiovascular system to significant levels. To recover and give your muscles time to repair and grow, give yourself this day of rest.

Some people have a "more is better" mentality when it comes to fitness. Swimming 40 laps or going for a two-hour run in the hills instead of taking the day off might seem like a good idea, but doing extra work can actually be detrimental to your progress. If you over-work your body, you run the risk of acute overtraining or incomplete recovery. Overtrained bodies have difficulty hanging on to hard-earned lean muscle mass, have compromised immune systems, and don't function efficiently. Overtraining can also impact your energy levels, making you feel lethargic and unmotivated.

Giving your body a day to recover will help you maintain intensity and focus over an entire week of workouts. You won't see the best results if you can only give 50 percent at the end of the week. So, corral your burning desire to run a 5k and chill out for the day.

If you want to do something fitness-related, use rest days to take progress pictures, update your workout and nutrition logs, and set goals for the next week. By the time tomorrow rolls around, you should be so amped for the workout that you're practically running into the gym!

Corral your burning desire to run a 5k and chill out for the day.

Elite Body Meal Plan

Check out the table below to see what Erin eats on a daily basis. You don't have to follow these meals exactly, but take some cues from Erin's template: Eat 5-6 times per day, eat protein at every meal, stick to complex carbs, don't skimp on healthy fats, and taper your carbohydrate intake as the day goes on. Follow these rules to build your own elite meal plan.

Because each of us has particular caloric and macronutrient needs, feel free to add or subtract calories, increase the protein, and make other adjustments. Be smart about your choices, stick to the same food categories, and try to adhere to the schedule. What you eat is just as important as what you do in the gym, if not more. There are a lot of healthy options in these example meals, so you shouldn't ever feel deprived or hungry.


egg whites 4

avocado 1/2

alternative breakfast

Egg white, omelet with chicken and oatmeal Try a clean, convenient, and delicious B-Elite Fuel meal!


almonds 15

protein shake 30 g of whey protein in water


chicken 4 oz

cooked brown rice 1/2 cup

steamed squash 1 cup

lunch alternative

Chicken breast with brown rice and broccoli Try a clean, convenient, and delicious B-Elite Fuel meal!


2% greek yogurt 1 serving

apple 1


grilled chicken 4 oz

spaghetti squash 1/2

alternative dinner

chicken breast with asparagus Try a clean, convenient, and delicious B-Elite Fuel meal!


protein shake 1 scoop of casein protein in water or light almond milk

Peanut butter or almond butter 1 tbsp

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