Fitness 360 - Pick Your Physique!

We've compiled some of the best bodies in the fitness industry and laid them out side-by-side, so you can decide exactly what you want to look like.

Infographic You can flip through a magazine to decide what hairstyle you want, and now you can do the same for your dream body! We've recruited some of the best bodies and brightest minds in the fitness industry and provided their programs for you to follow, absolutely free.

Our Fitness 360s are video-based articles that reveal an athlete's entire fitness philosophy, from training to supplementation. By clicking on any of the athletes below, you'll get his or her:

  • Overall fitness philosophy
  • 7-day training program
  • Nutrition program
  • Supplement stack

Each Fitness 360 also showcases each athlete's personal story and reason for living fit. The best part is: You get all of this great information for free!

All of these athletes have created a specific and unique blueprint for a phenomenal body. We can't hit the gym for you, but all you have to do is follow their instructions. So, choose a physique and get started!

Pick Your Desired Physique

Felicia Romero: Navigating The Gym Jungle

Felicia Romero


Navigating The Gym Jungle

Melody Decena Wyatt: Picture Your Perfect Body

Melody Decena Wyatt


Picture Your Perfect Body

Samantha Ann Leete: Leete's Fitness Feats

Samantha Ann Leete


Leete's Fitness Feats

Brian Casad: Big Risk, Big Reward

Brian Casad


Big Risk, Big Reward

Chris Whited: Banking On Fitness

Chris Whited


Banking On Fitness

James Grage: Define Your Own Destiny

James Grage


Define Your Own Destiny

Seth Feroce: Working Class To World Class

Seth Feroce


Working Class To World Class

Alicia Harris: Fast Track To Fitness

Alicia Harris


Fast Track To Fitness

Carl Roberts: Hard Corps Muscle

Carl Roberts


Hard Corps Muscle

Rachel Flint: Fit Like Flint

Rachel Flint


Fit Like Flint

Marc Megna: Dream Big, Never Quit

Marc Megna


Dream Big, Never Quit

Brendy Scheerer: The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection

Brendy Scheerer


The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection

Stephanie Toomey: Battle-Tested Body

Stephanie Toomey


Battle-Tested Body

David Otunga: The Case For Fitness

David Otunga


The Case For Fitness

Gal Ferreira Yates: Brazilian Beauty, Bodybuilding Beast

Gal Ferreira Yates


Brazilian Beauty, Bodybuilding Beast

Katie Chung Hua: Built For The Beach

Katie Chung Hua


Built For The Beach

Nick Scott: Against All Odds

Nick Scott


Against All Odds

Vincent Russo: Coach Against The Couch

Vincent Russo


Coach Against The Couch

Mary Murphy: Raising The Bar Higher

Mary Murphy


Raising The Bar Higher

Scott Dorn: Peeled To Perfection

Scott Dorn


Peeled To Perfection

Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson: Throwing Punches & Punchlines

Quinton Jackson


Throwing Punches & Punchlines

Ashley Johns: Reversal Of Fortune

Ashley Johns


Reversal Of Fortune

Lauren Abraham: Survival Of The Fittest

Lauren Abraham


Survival Of The Fittest

Clay Guida: Ground & Pound

Clay Guida


Ground & Pound

Rich Gaspari: Get Ripped Like Rich

Rich Gaspari


Get Ripped Like Rich

Michelle Hanson: Fitness Model & Competitor

Michelle Hanson


Fitness Model & Competitor

Trelas Dyson: 2011 $100,000 Transformation Challenge Winner

Trelas Dyson


$100,000 Transformation Winner

Nikia Dyson: 2011 $100,000 Transformation Challenge Winner

Nikia Dyson


$100,000 Transformation Winner

Sean Hardge: 2010 Military Challenge Winner

Sean Hardge


2010 Military Challenge Winner

Neil Hill: UK's Bodybuilding Legend & Yoda

Neil Hill


UK's Bodybuilding Legend & Yoda

Ryan Hughes: Hardgainer No More

Ryan Hughes


Hardgainer No More

Kelechi Opara: No Gym No Problem

Kelechi Opara


No Gym No Problem

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