Erin Stern Fitness 360: Action Figure

Erin Stern is a real-life Wonder Woman. Train, eat, and supplement like this elite track athlete and figure phenom to build your own stage-worthy physique!

Erin Stern Fitness 360: Action Figure
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Two-time Figure Olympia champion Erin Stern is the ultimate combination of "show" and "go." She possesses equal parts beauty, brains, and brawn. She knows how to light up the track and dominate the stage, perfectly balancing grace and power.

If you've ever wanted to train like a champion while looking like a ripped fitness model, this is your chance. Work out like Erin to build strength and speed. Check out her complete nutrition and supplement program to create your very own superhero physique!

Erin Stern Fitness 360
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Erin Stern's Training Program

Erin Stern trains at high speed with heavy weight. Work out like a figure champ to look like a figure champ—provided you can keep up!

Erin Stern's Supplement Program

Erin Stern is a figure competitor, sprinter, and jumper. She eats to fuel her active lifestyle. Follow her plan to fuel your own action figure physique!

Erin Stern's Nutrition Program

Erin Stern supports her intense training and clean nutrition with a smart array of supplements. Check out the stack that builds the body of a champion

Erin Stern's Figure Philosophy

Erin's love for fitness stems from her active youth. She began racing with her sisters and her father at their home near Miami, Florida. They were playful children—running, bounding, climbing trees, seeking out competition at home. The girls were tomboys, racing their dad and practicing natural forms of athleticism.

Erin's homegrown competitive streak was bound to overflow. She and her showhorse, Dreamy, would run through hunter jumper courses together. She would lead him by the halter, run next to him, and even leap over the obstacle beside him.

One day before her junior year of high school, her father, Ira, saw her running and bounding beside her horse and encouraged Erin to do more with her leaping ability.

"You're already out here running next to the horse," Ira told her. "You might as well go run at the track and do something productive."

Heeding her father's advice led Erin to win a collegiate scholarship to the University of Florida, where she earned Junior All-American status in the high jump. It also nearly took her to the greatest heights for amateur athletes. She cleared 5-foot-9 in college, but didn't stop high jumping. In 2008 she cleared 5-foot-11, but missed the Olympics qualifying standard by a mere three centimeters.

"It was kind of a setback when I missed that qualifying standard," Erin says. "I realized that, being a high jumper at 5-foot-8 and close to 140 pounds, genetically it wasn't in the cards for me to jump 6-foot-8 like a lot of the other girls are going to."

Iron Erin

Although she lifted weights in high school, it wasn't until she entered an intercollegiate athletics program as a Gator that she really began to understand the importance of weight training.

"I've always been athletic and I always lifted," Erin says. "In college, I learned Olympic lifts and learned a lot about the body, but not so much about aesthetic lifting, so after college I started doing the aesthetic lifts."

Although her Olympic competitive dreams faded, Erin still had a strong athletic itch. After all, she possessed a killer body with one-of-a-kind muscle tone. You know where this is going: She decided it was time to compete.

"I was looking at one of the magazines and one of my friends said, 'Hey, you should do a figure competition! You're in good shape, you've got some muscle, you might as well step on stage.' The Arnold Classic was my pro debut in 2009. That was my fourth show, ever. It happened very, very fast."

Erin finished in 10th place at the 2009 Arnold, then took 6th at the 2009 Olympia. That was the last time she finished outside the top three. She has won two of the last three Olympias and makes up half of the greatest rivalry in figure history, battling 2011 Figure Olympia champ and three-time Arnold Classic champ Nicole Wilkins.

"I am motivated to be better than my previous best," she says. "I'm also motivated by the people I meet along the way. It's just a big fitness family, and to be able to inspire and motivate others keeps me going. Ultimately, I want to be the Oprah of the fitness world, teaching people how to work out and showing them that when you have success in the gym, when you're strong, that translates to confidence and success outside the gym."

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