Fitness 360: Mary Murphy, Raising The Bar Higher

Mary Murphy’s athletic background and stunning features make her a perfect addition to the NPC. Follow her program and see how this Northwest native broke into the industry!

Name: Mary Murphy
From: Seattle, Washington
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 142 lbs, 136 lbs Contest
Contest Exp: 2012 BodySpace Spokesmodel Finalist
Member of Team Bombshell
2nd place 2011 NPC Iron
Mountain Championships,
3rd 2011 NPC Washington State Open Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and
Bikini Championships
Education: Everett Community College, Associates in Arts and Science
Super Powers: Field awareness; Guns set to 'stun'
Athletic Prowess: Fast-pitch softball, outfielder, coach

Like many college graduates, Mary Murphy left school with little idea where her next adventure might take her. She grew up in the Northwest, and played college softball not far from home.

Mary was looking for some way to transfer her athletic aspirations to the adult working life. Her needs fit the bodybuilding niche like a strong hand in a well-worn mitt.

"I've always wanted to model, but I didn't know where I kind of fit in," Murphy said. "I know that I'm athletic and I have that body type. I hooked up with my trainer and he said: 'If you really want to get serious and get into it, this is how you have to do it.'"

Her trainer, Jack Sharp, motivated Mary to compete in the bikini division, and though she didn't have any high expectations, she went with the advice and signed up.

Athletes tend to make great fitness models. They know how to prepare for competition. They've been through the ups and downs of victory and defeat, of injury and the dogged dedication to the sport. Mary played outfield on fast-pitch softball teams throughout adolescence, preparing her for the leap upon the stage.

Mary Murphy Fitness 360

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Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy's Supplementation

An athletic background and stunning features give Mary a leg-up on the competition. Her supplement stack helps her recover and re-supply after her grueling workouts!
Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy's Nutrition Program

You can have all the genetic gifts a godmother can deliver, but if your nutrition plan comes in crooked, you'll never reach your goals. Follow Mary's simple plan and reach the promised land!
Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy's Training Program

Muscle looks sexy on any woman, but it's not easy to build, or retain. Follow Mary's training regimen and see how she gains and retains her lean mass!

Mary must maintain a working life outside of her exercise competitions. She works as a nanny during the day, so her workouts are timed around others' schedules. Her timing must be perfect; she cannot waste any in the gym.

No one should have to go through the rigor of a training regimen alone. Mary leans on her boyfriend, Matt Parrick, who has attended all her shows.

She also uses BodySpace and its multitude of users as motivation, and to motivate others.

Mary was a softball player, but became an assistant coach. See a trend? She knows how to help others.

"We're all there for the same reason," Murphy said. "We're all willing to share, give tips, to inspire, to motivate. And I think that's really important, because a lot of people don't know where to go, where to even start. To take that first step in the gym in is scary for a lot of people."

Put your fears aside! Mary's complete program can help you get started on your own journey, your fitness 360. Follow her training, nutrition and supplement plans! Reading this article is your first step. Now, go take another!

"I have never once walked into the gym and regretted going," Murphy said. "Be committed and do it for you. We do so many other things for other people every day. Give this to yourself."

High-Intensity Interval QUESTIONS!

We will ask you six questions. They will alternate between high-intensity questions, and low-intensity questions.


1. It's a pleasant, sunny rest day, do you get active outdoors?
My rest day usually turns into me running errands and doing meal prep. I try and keep it low key, but that isn't always the case.


2. You spy a stranger failing badly on bench, save him!
How? Honestly, I would call for help first.


3. Aren't children lovely?
I'm a nanny, so YES, kids are awesome! They keep me busy and on my toes.


4. It's 2014. You're about to take the Olympia stage, what's on your mind?
It's go time baby! At this point all I can do is have FUN!


5. You visit a chocolate confectionary … what piece do you want most?
A piece with caramel and almonds in it!


6. You enter Thunderdome! Choose a weapon!
Why would I need a weapon when I've got guns?

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