Lauren Abraham Fitness 360: Survival Of The Fittest

Lauren Abraham had everything taken, and she didn’t get it all back. She didn’t get a new life. Instead, she healed her body and immersed herself in the fresh powder of a new trail.

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Bio: Lauren Abraham

Education: Sierra Nevada College - Snowboarding, English/Journalism
Larry Moss Acting Studio
Howard Fine Acting Studio
Power Yoga - 2010
Profession: TV host, athlete, model,
entertainment coordinator
Board Sports: paddle-board, snowboard, wakeboard
Past Affiliations: FSN, ESPN, Spike, Versus
Current Affiliations: Host of Monster
Supercross Tour
BodySpace: laurenabraham

As children, we write our futures in dreams. As teens we aim to force them true. As adults we hash out the results and live a life between dream and reality. Lauren Abraham's teen dreams were reality. When most youth confront the work/college dilemma, L.A. was in Lake Tahoe, snowboarding as a sponsored athlete, competing, drinking and having a blast.

The impact her activities claimed on her body were massive. She can't count her surgeries on two hands. A stunt double disaster left her in a wheelchair (2 broken ankles, separated ribs, a shattered nose). Drugs and alcohol claimed years from her. She needed physical and chemical rehabilitation. Her dream turned nightmarish.

As gravity pulls a boarder down a mountain, the terrain moves her left and right, slight adjustments to natural drag. Such is life and its motion. Variations take you on alternate routes. One day a microphone fell in Lauren's lap. She got out of her wheelchair and walked an awakened path, not a dream, but a new life in front of the camera.

This Fitness 360 follows Lauren Abraham's workouts, nutrition, supplements, philosophy and lifestyle. This fitting glimpse inspects a determined woman, whose life has truly come full circle.

Lauren Abraham's Fitness Program

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Lauren Abraham's Supplementation

Lauren mixes up her supplement intake to avoid stagnation and give her an added edge.

Lauren Abraham's Nutrition Program

Lauren's nutrition plan prepares her for a hectic schedule and fuels her outdoor activities year round.

Lauren Abraham's Training Program

Lauren's training program involves hitting the gym hard - but then she takes it outside.

Fitness 360

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