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Ryan Hughes is a beast in the gym, and he's quickly making his presence known in the fitness world. He wasn't always mister muscles though...

Ryan Hughes is a beast in the gym, and he's quickly tearing it up in the fitness world. It wasn't always this way, though. Not by a long shot.

In high school, Ryan was the skinny kid who had to run around in the shower to get wet, as they say. He was killing himself in the gym but results were hard to come by. He finally arrived at an epiphany: Come hell or high water, he wasn't going to be the smallest guy in the gym any longer. No way.

Ryan was an ectomorph; that is, someone with an extremely high metabolism who has difficulty gaining shape and size. What he figured out was that nutrition would either make or break him. So he started putting in as much time in the kitchen as he did in the gym. And he escaped hardgainer hell once and for all.

Now Ryan is the biggest cat in the iron jungle. He's frikkin' yoked. So if you're tired of being the skinny guy who receives only fleeting looks of pity and scorn, check out Ryan Hughes' "hardgainer no more" training regimen.

Ryan Hughes' Fitness Program

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Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes' Muscle Building Progam

Like a well-oiled machine, Ryan powers through his grueling workouts and never misses a meal. Because he knows that you have to eat big to get big.
Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes' Cutting Program

If you want a body that makes guys jealous and makes girls swoon, then follow Ryan Hughes' lead with his cutting regimen.

Fitness 360

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