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Wanna be known for garden-hose veins, insane striations, and a champion's physique? Then you gotta get ripped like Rich.

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It's no secret that it takes time and effort to sculpt the perfect physique, and even the great Rich Gaspari can't maintain his Mr. Universe-winning body at all times. Although retired from bodybuilding and now in his mid 40s, the appropriately-nicknamed "Dragon Slayer" is still in stellar shape. However, as the founder and owner of the supplement company Gaspari Nutrition, Rich won't settle for average. He still wants the best body he can get—and what the Dragon Slayer wants, the Dragon Slayer gets.

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Rich has great genetics and a passionate, personal drive to remain an insanely fit figurehead for his company. Rich recently decided to make one massive training push to prove to himself that he still has what it takes to step onstage. However, with no desire to compete again, he went for the next best thing: Rich aimed to become ripped enough to be on the cover of a fitness magazine. With the deal contingent on his final look, Rich rose to the occasion and took this personal challenge head-on.

Why should you be interested?

Because you're an MVP. You've been granted full insider access to this living legend's training and nutrition program. What you do with this valuable information is up to you, but you shouldn't waste it. Welcome to the club—the Dragon Slayer's personal den. Do your best to keep up.

Rich's Workout Program

Rich doesn't do 'average.' He wanted to get beyond shredded. What the Dragon Slayer wants, the Dragon Slayer gets.

Rich's Nutrition Program

Rich knew it would be a true testament--and great test--to use Gaspari products for his insane transformation.

Walking The Walk

With everything I do, getting back into competition shape was like asking to have a root canal done for fun. I did it, and I succeeded.

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