Fitness 360: Chris Thompson, Militia Muscle

If you're not already familiar with Chris Thompson, you're about to receive an education in making health and fitness a lifestyle. Learn how Chris trains, eats, and supps to look great and feel even better.

Fitness 360: Chris Thompson, Militia Muscle
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Chris Thompson is inspirational for a lot of reasons: he's a fit 45-year-old, he's a successful businessman, and he's created a life based around what makes him happy. He may not have set out to become a notable fitness personality, but that's exactly what Chris has become.

Although he leads a busy life as the Vice President of Sports Nutrition at Twinlab, Chris doesn't just work in the supplement industry—he lives and breathes fitness.

Because he "walks the walk," Chris has become a powerful example to the people around him and to the wider fitness community. His dedication to personal health and wellness bleeds into how he does business. He wants every single customer to feel good, look good, and perform at their best.

Chris's training, nutrition, and supplementation programs are unique. At 45, Chris isn't looking to pack on slabs of new lean mass. He trains to support his overall well-being, longevity, strength, and health.

His physique, however, is an excellent reminder that a rock-hard body is a wonderful side effect of training hard, eating clean, and supplementing well for the long haul.

Chris Thompson Fitness 360: Militia Muscle
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Chris Thompson's Nutrition Program

Chris Thompson's Nutrition Program

In nutrition, consistency is everything. Here's how Chris Thompson mastered his macros and made a fail-proof program for himself.

Chris Thompson's Supplement Program

Chris Thompson's Supplement Program

He might be in the supplement industry, but he doesn't just use supps to prove a point. Here's how Chris Thompson supps to improve on the micro, macro, and performance level.

Perfect Practice

Chris Thompson
"Practice doesn't make perfect," says Chris. "Perfect practice makes perfect."

"Practice doesn't make perfect," says Chris. "Perfect practice makes perfect." That motto is how Chris lives his life, in and out of the gym. "It's all about doing it the right way with consistency," he says. Whether he's lifting, preparing meals, or doing his best to make Twinlab a global force, Chris practices perfection.

His strive for excellence is one of the reasons Chris partnered with Ronnie Milo and Jason Wheat to create the Twinlab Muscle Militia. Through the Muscle Militia, Chris hopes that he can prove to the world that fitness should foster brotherhood, no matter what goal or physique differences may exist between lifters.

"The mission and culture of the Muscle Militia is really twofold," says Chris. "For us, it's intended as a brotherhood. [Wheat, Milo, and I] have three totally different physiques with three totally different goals and we share the same passion and commitment. The second part of our mission is to spread the concept globally. We want everyone to share our passion."

The Muscle Militia is a hardcore iron brotherhood, sure, but the group is dedicated to overthrowing stereotypes and helping beginner lifters find their way around the gym. Even if they're the biggest guys in the gym, Militia members have the smallest egos. They train to include, not to exclude. Chris wants everyone in the Militia to help new lifters succeed.

Chris's success in fitness is one of the reasons he's also successful in business. "It takes a hell of a lot of dedication and commitment," he explains. "I have a personal vision for the supplement industry. I want Twinlab to be around for another five decades." The sheer amount of work it takes to grow a business is enough to keep anybody busy from morning until midnight, but Chris faces that challenge head-on every day.

Luckily for Chris, business and fitness can go hand in hand. He can bring his personal touch and fitness philosophy with him to work every day. "That's the challenge," he says, "having to marry all of this together. But, that's also the beautiful opportunity that comes with it."

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