Ashley Johns Fitness 360: Reversal Of Fortune

It seems we are only dealt one fortune in life. We get it, live it, deal with it and call it a wrap. Ashley Johns refused to accept this. She chose to reverse her fortune.

Change often comes as a result from a dramatic life event. Sometimes it's a car accident, a divorce, a doctor's visit or an insult shot across a banquet hall. But, the most common impetus for a complete body transformation is an internal drama cast by a glance in the mirror with a critical eye. Ashley Johns caught her own gaze on New Year's Day, 2009.

In less than a year, Ashley ditched 40 pounds, competed in a figure competition, ran a 5k, quit her job as a banker and became a personal trainer. Her new body helped her take a new tack on life. Her transformation changed her on deep, fundamental levels, beyond image and into the self. See where she's headed now.

In the two years since the impetus of her fortune reversal, Ashley forged her way to become a professional in the fitness industry.

Ashley Johns's Fitness Program

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Here's a brief list of her accomplishments:

  • Transformation of the Week at
  • Lift Life Ad Campaign Spokesmodel
  • Appeared in Shape Magazine (2011) and Oxygen Magazine (2012)
  • Athlete for the first ever Team
  • Personal Trainer
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Certified
  • Motivational Speaker
  • NPC Qualified Bikini Competitor 2011
  • Entrepreneur: Fierce Forward, her business venture

"Fierce Forward is a mantra I created for moving forward fiercely toward what you want, with no abandon," says Ashley. "Fierce Forward has more than 4,500 followers. It is a community of like-minded people who share an interest motivating, encouraging and empowering one another to never give up and to always move forward in all you do."

If you have the ferocity to follow Ashley, a.k.a. Hottie-I-am, then check out the full nutrition, training and supplement regimen she used to lose 40 pounds and keep it off. Check out her BodySpace, Facebook, and website.

Ashley Johns

Ashley Johns's Supplementation

Ashley gets most of her nutrients from whole foods, but a few timely supplements helped her balance her approach and accomplish her fitness goals.
Ashley Johns

Ashley Johns's Nutrition Program

Ashley eats fruits and vegetables, and basically eats healthy meals. Imagine that! Healthy eating leads to good health! Follow her plan to see how she lost the weight.
Ashley Johns

Ashley Johns's Training Program

When Ashley decided to get serious about shaping up, she used German Volume training for her core lifts, and then plunged into supersets of auxiliary lifts.