Neil Hill Fitness 360 -- Get His Complete Program!

Yoda 3 Training (Y3T), is split over a nine-week period and divided into 3 three-week phases.

Neil Hill Fitness 360 -- Get His Complete Program!

This week's 360 spotlight is a bodybuilding legend in the United Kingdom and his hand-crafted Y3T (Yoda 3 Training) system is now sweeping the United States as the newest revolution in training principles.

Neil Hill is a former IFBB professional bodybuilder whose resume is more impressive than a juggling unicyclist. As a gym owner, trainer/nutritionist and fitness writer/columnist, the guy has probably forgotten more about bodybuilding than most of us will ever learn in a lifetime.

Are you wondering what Star Wars has to do with bodybuilding yet? Well, Neil's nickname is "Yoda" because he's so revered by the bodybuilding community. His vast knowledge and ability to turn amateur bodybuilders into full-fledged pros is much like the Jedi Master himself (plus, he kind of looks like a taller, more jacked-up version of Yoda)!

If you're ready to be the next protégé for the man who is single-handedly changing the sport of bodybuilding, then grab your weight-saber and join the revolution!

Neil Hill's Fitness Program
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Eat Big To Get Big

Nutrition is the key to success for any athlete. Just like training, your nutrition has to be 3-dimensional, meaning you have to get as many key ingredients as possible.

Get Huge With Neil Hill's Y3T

Y3T is a unique 3-dimensional program that is formulated for packing on lean dense muscle, because it hits every aspect of the muscle within a short period of time.
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