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Fitness 360: Jamie Alderton, War Games

Now that his military career is complete, Jamie Alderton is engaged in a new theater of war: bodybuilding. Follow his plan and change your future.

To succeed in the units of the British Army, you must be an athlete—a dominant athlete. Your strategy in battle, your preparation, and your drive to win are traits that translate to the competitive world of physique athletics. Former soldier Jamie Alderton embodies all the above, so no wonder he's now on the hunt for an IFBB Physique pro card.

Check out Jamie's training, nutrition, and supplement programs. Follow what Jamie does to see what you can do. As Jamie competes and gets closer to the pro ranks, we'll keep an eye on this British beast. We are allies, after all.

Jamie Alderton Fitness 360
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Jamie Alderton has always been competitive, but he lost focus after leaving the Army. "That's where weight training and bodybuilding came in," Jamie says. "I got told by a guy in my gym, 'You're in pretty good shape; you should enter one of these competitions!' So, I spent 12 weeks dieting, jumped on stage, placed second among 13 people, and qualified for the British Finals."

Jamie has been competing and crushing ever since. He's dominated the stage, signed with supplement company Grenade, and is on track to becoming an IFBB Physique pro. Jamie credits his success to more to mental strength than physical talent: "When I was a kid, I wanted to learn how to do a wheelie, so I spent months learning to do one and finally I did it. That has carried into my adult life. When I see that I want to do something, nothing will stop me from achieving that."

Jamie Alderton's Supplementation

Jamie Alderton's Supplementation

Supplements will never replace hard training and precision nutrition, but they can give an athlete a boost. Check out Jamie Alderton's supplement stack!

Jamie Alderton's Nutrition Program

Jamie Alderton's Nutrition Program

Now that his military career is complete, Jamie is fighting through the ranks of physique athletics. Follow his nutrition plan and challenge your future.

Jamie Alderton's Training Program

Jamie Alderton's Training Program

Now that he's out of the military, Jamie Alderton is waging war in the physique world. Check out his training program!

Fitness has always been a major component of Jamie's life, and it always will be. "My main inspiration for staying fit and healthy goes back to my Army days," he says. "You have to be fit for operations. You never know when you're going to come under enemy contact. If you're not fit enough to carry someone over your shoulder and run 100-200 meters and still fight, then what good are you?"

If you want to know more about Jamie's diet, training, and supplementation—or you want to ask him any questions—hit him up on BodySpace: jalderton2001. As Jamie says, "There's nothing better than being fit and healthy." He enjoys helping others live the fit life.

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