Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week: Boás Has Brazilian Brawn!

Boás turned up the intensity when asked him to represent the company in Brazil. Now he's hell-bent on training hard to reach pro status!

Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week: Boás Has Brazilian Brawn!

How did your bodybuilding journey begin?

I started lifting at age 16 after playing soccer and basketball when I weighed 118 pounds. I entered a gym at the end of December 2006. It took time to see noticeable results, but it felt awesome to see myself grow.

I gained 22 pounds during my first year of lifting, even though my diet wasn't on point. I hit a plateau soon after and didn't make progress, but I was still hungry for improvements. I committed to do my best, started searching for as much information as possible, and found, which supplied training programs, diets, supplementation, and motivation.

Unfortunately, in October 2009, I had to postpone my bodybuilding journey after a terrible car accident that caused serious head trauma and several skull fractures. I went through surgery to put metal plates in my head. During that time, I was in law school, worked part-time, and had to stop all activities for four months.

After recovering from surgery, I lost most of my gains, gained body fat, and started over again with more knowledge and motivation than ever. I was in a good shape much earlier than I expected, and continued pursuing my best everyday.

In June 2011, I received a BodySpace message from asking me to assist them in expanding their presence in Brazil by using my pictures and personal story. I can't express how amazing it felt. I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with them and was featured in magazine and site ads representing

During the past two years as part of Team, I've been motivated to become my best self and motivate others to achieve their goals and change their lifestyle.

I wanted to get on stage for a long time, but made excuses about my tight schedule with work and school. I realized it would never be easy to compete and decided it was time for me to get on stage.

What's the biggest mistake people make in the gym?

People often let their egos take over once they enter the gym, and they use weights that are too heavy for their ability level. When this happens, their form suffers. When lifting and targeting specific body parts, the mind-muscle connection is key. You can best build muscle using a weight you can control on both the ascending and descending parts of a lift. It's all about how you stretch and contract your muscles.

How often do you train?

During the offseason I lift four times a week, taking Mondays and the weekend off. I usually ramp things up when I'm in contest prep mode and train 6-7 days per week. In the offseason, I train one body part per week.

I try not to let my lifting go for longer than an hour. I also incorporate 30 minutes of steady-state cardio into my morning routine during offseason. Before a show, I change that to HIIT.

What's your favorite body part to train?

I like training every body part, but chest is my favorite. There's just something about the pump. It makes me feel huge!

Is there any body part you want to improve upon?

I want to focus on bringing up my shoulders. My arms are big and they overpower my shoulders onstage.

How did your passion for bodybuilding emerge?

I love building a better me every day, but bodybuilding isn't only about the body. It's about health, wellness, and building a strong mind. Bodybuilding taught me organization, patience, self-esteem, and confidence. I also love lifting, which makes it much easier. I enjoy reading about nutrition, supplementation, and training programs.

What or who motivated you to be a bodybuilder?

I always looked up to professional athletes and pro bodybuilders like Arnold and Phil Heath. I've never read a book faster than The Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.

Where did you go for inspiration?

I like watching videos for inspiration. Jay Cutler DVDs are my favorite because he unveils his lifestyle along with his training. You can find lots of inspiration and transformations on BodySpace to get pumped up!

What are your future bodybuilding plans?

I have a dream to move to the United States and compete in the NPC. I don't know how or if that will happen, but I'd love to compete with the best and earn a pro card.

What is the most important bodybuilding tip?

Be consistent and commit to your goals. Always work hard and be hungry for information. Never stop learning!

Always work hard and be hungry for information. Never stop learning!

Who is your favorite bodybuilder?

I'm a big fan of Jay Cutler. He's been on top of the game for more than 10 years and accomplished what every athlete dreams of.

How did help you reach your goals?

When I first found, I was a skinny boy in high school with a hungry desire to build muscle. was fundamental in my early days. I found everything I was looking for and was educated with many amazing articles and inspiring transformations.

Contest History
  • IFBB Sul Brasileiro 2013 - Men's Physique 5-foot-10

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