The Blueprint to Cut: The Best Supplements for Old-School Aesthetics

Chasing elite muscle definition isn't for everyone! If you're brave enough to do it, you need to prioritize supps that focus on intensity during your workouts, and help you hold on to muscle mass between them.

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The best supplements for any fat-loss program are ones that boost the quality of your workouts, while boosting recovery between them. Since the workouts in The Blueprint to Cut are intense, you want to prioritize holding on to muscle mass while you're cutting through your body's fat stores. These supplements are perfect to help you feel as strong as possible while you're chasing a new level of muscle definition.

But remember: Even the best supps won't give you the aesthetics you're chasing without the training to back them up! Follow the full Blueprint to Cut program in BodyFit Elite. Along with top-notch workout tracking, you'll earn discounts in the store and free shipping on supps to help you dial in your cuts and power through the brutal Blueprint workouts.

You've built the mass, now it's time to reveal the definition. When it's time to uncover your hard work for a contest, a big event, or just because, this classic cutting plan will help you achieve your goal and look incredible.Go Now!

The Blueprint to Cut: The Best Supplements for Old-School Aesthetics

Protein Powder

A protein shake is a no-brainer during an intense fat-loss program. Not only does it help you hit your ambitious target protein intake for each day, it provides a solid blast of nutrients post-workout when your muscles are depleted—or anytime that the alternative was either not eating or eating something without much protein. Whey protein is one of the most widely available and popular options, but you can also use a casein or vegetable-based protein based on your dietary preferences and lifestyle.


When you're feeling hungry and unexcited to train—which, to be clear, is probably inevitable—a solid pre can be your best gym buddy. The best blends are packed with fatigue-fighting, workout-enhancing, pump-skyrocketing ingredients—the exact things that will help you get the most out of these workouts and stay strong as the sets go on.


As one of the most widely-researched supplements on the market, BCAAs have been shown to help increase protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown, as well as limit workout fatigue—which will be a battle in this program.

Test Booster

Testosterone boosters include ingredients that help naturally optimize your body's testosterone levels, the hormone that is most responsible for increasing muscle mass and strength. They often include vitamins or minerals that lifters are deficient in, such as zinc, or adaptogens like ashwagandha to help athletes deal with the physical and mental stress that accompanies an ambitious training program.

Sleep Support

Sleep was the great secret of old-school bodybuilders, as well as modern movie stars making dramatic transformations. Supps aren't nearly as important as things like having a consistent bedtime, limiting screen time, and sleeping in a dark room, but taking some key ingredients that are often deficient in athletes, like zinc and magnesium in ZMA, can also help support restful sleep.

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