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Dymatize Transformed: 12 Weeks To Your Best Self

Starting a new workout program is one thing. Keeping it up is another. Transformed is designed to provide you with everything you need to make this the year it all finally comes together!

Transformed: 12 Weeks to Your Best Self

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Transformed is a complete 12-week fitness plan designed for anyone who wants to burn fat, build muscle, and get in their best-ever shape. It includes a customizable workout program that's flexible enough to meet any schedule; a simple, sustainable, and effective nutrition plan; smart supplement guidelines; and so much more—including helpful fitness tips and tricks from an elite squad of Dymatize athletes on every page!

If you've struggled to hit your fitness goals in the past, Transformed is for you. If you've fallen out of shape and need a plan that matches your busy lifestyle, Transformed is for you. In fact, if you need to transform for any reason, Transformed is for you—whether you're male or female, beginner or advanced.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, this program can change your life. Make the commitment today and be transformed.

Transformation Talk

Watch the athlete roundtable - 40:20

Watch this crucial video to help you fully commit and start your transformation off right it--and stick to it for the long haul! Six athletes from Team Dymatize talk about the importance of transformation, their own fitness struggles, and how you can overcome common hurdles to hit your goals!

Transformed Preview

Watch the video - 0:51

Check out this Transformed summary for a glimpse of everything the program has to offer. With detailed overview videos, cooking episodes, professional kitchen hacks, video tips, and answers to common fitness questions on nearly every page, Transformed has something for everyone!


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Here’s what you’ll get

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Video Guide

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Fitness Advice

If you’ve ever struggled to hit your fitness goals, Transformed
Is For You

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Meet Your Trainers

Meet Your Trainers

Alicia Ziegler
Dymatize Athlete

Alicia Ziegler is a professional actress and fitness model with a master's degree in nutrition education. She has videos throughout Transformed on smart nutrition, how to stay motivated, and how to perform a perfect Romanian deadlift!

Geremy Satcher
Dymatize Athlete

Geremy Satcher is a competitive bodybuilder, former powerlifter, and a US Air Force meteorologist. His videos throughout Transformed include finding long-term motivation, the best way to cook chicken, and how to perform presses so your shoulders won't hate you!

Charlotte Oldbury
Dymatize Athlete

Charlotte Oldbury is an NPC competitor, aspiring personal trainer, and mother of three. Her videos touch on training/life balance, dealing with cravings and "hanger," and how to perform a perfect cable pull-down!

Mike Hildebrandt
Dymatize Athlete

Mike Hildebrandt is a personal trainer, physique competitor, and fitness director for a chain of gyms. His videos lay out how to set reasonable goals, bust out an easy high-protein breakfast, and cook perfect grilled chicken every time!

Elspeth Dana
Dymatize Athlete

Elspeth Dana is a personal trainer, ReebokONE ambassador, and fitness model with a passion for helping others get fit. Her videos lay out how to properly perform a "good morning," eat healthy while traveling, and do cardio with only your body!

Robert Timms
Dymatize Athlete

Robert Timms is a US Air Force staff sergeant, competitive bodybuilder, and cancer survivor. His videos cover how to keep progressing in the gym, dealing with cheat meals, taking progress pics, and much more!

the info you need TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Program Overview

Starting a new workout program is one thing. Keeping it up is another. Transformed is designed to provide you with everything you need to make this the year it all finally comes together!

Nutrition Plan

Building a consistent approach to nutrition is often the most difficult part of a transformation. Here's everything you need to know to determine how much to eat, what to eat, how to shop for it, and how to prep it!

Supplement Guide

Supplements are a crucial part of any transformation. Speed up recovery and maximize your results with these simple and effective Transformed supplement-stack options!

daily workouts and content TO GUIDE YOUR WAY

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Week 1

Full body, starting motivation
Cardio, first-week nutrition
Full body, sticking to the plan
Cardio, dealing with soreness
Full body, impact of alcohol
Bonus workout, appropriate expectations
Rest, microwave hacks

Week 2

Full body, DB press tip
Cardio, make your diet fun
Full body, portion sizes
Cardio, work/life balance
Full body, six-pack lean
Bonus workout, cheat meals
Rest, protein waffles

Week 3

Full body, week 3 motivation
Challenge, meal prep hacks
Full body, cravings
Challenge, getting energized
Full body, power of protein
Bonus workout, weekend cardio
Rest, quick snacks

Week 4

Full body, RDL tip
Cardio, on-the-go snacks
Full body, missed workouts
Cardio, aging
Full body, carbohydrates
Bonus workout, progress pic
Rest, knife skills

Week 5

Full body, motivation tips
Cardio, workout nutrition
Full body, peer pressure
Cardio, scheduling
Full body, scale won't budge
Bonus workout, share your motivation
Rest, peanut butter burger

Week 6

Full body, pull-down tip
Challenge, craving busters
Full body, tracking progress
Challenge, perspective
Cardio, sensible sweets
Bonus workout, healthy breakfast
Rest, slow cooker meals

Week 7

Lower body, stay flexible
Push and cardio, vegetables
Cardio, rate of fat loss
Lower body, family fitness
Pull and cardio, stubborn fat
Bonus workout, share your why
Rest, green smoothie

Week 8

Lower body, exercise tip
Push and cardio, healthy fats
Cardio, intensity boost
Lower body, travel
Pull and cardio, burn more calories
Bonus workout, protein pancakes
Rest, pre-workout dressing

Week 9

Lower body, instant motivation
Push and challenge, nutrition myths
Cardio, final 4 weeks
Lower body, photo planning
Pull and challenge, living lean
Bonus workout, share your goals
Rest, easy marinades

Week 10

Lower body, exercise tip
Push and cardio, hydration
Cardio, dealing with hunger
Lower body, at-home workouts
Pull and cardio, carb cycling
Bonus workout and cardio, favorite recipes
Rest, blanch veggies

Week 11

Lower body, digging deep
Push and cardio, lifestyle tip
Cardio, busy gym
Lower body, peak week
Pull and cardio, long-term fat loss
Bonus workout and cardio, motivation for week 12
Rest, egg tips

Week 12

Lower body, week 12 diet
Push and challenge, nutrition tip
Cardio, after the transformation
Lower body, fitness habits
Pull and challenge, special message
Bonus workout and cardio, final photos
Rest, Find a Plan

Weeks 1-4 | Weeks 5-8 | Weeks 9-12 | Printable Calendar

Printable Calendar

supplement essentials TO SUPPORT YOUR RESULTS

Training, nutrition, and supplementation go hand-in-hand; all three are essential for great results. Whether you want to build muscle, burn fat, or even shoot for a little of both, we have the right supplements for your goals! These three stacks were custom-built to support the Transformed program. Get what you need today!

Day & Night
Protein Stack

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Fat Blast

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